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Data Collection & Analysis: Measuring Quality Program Effectiveness


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Accurate data collection and analysis is critical to measure the true effectiveness of your quality program. In this highly-informative webinar program, you and your team will learn:

  • Data collection practices for accurate quality measurement
  • Using data analysis results for decision-making & process improvements
  • How to identify sources of "vital data" for collection and analysis
  • Keys to communicating results of your data collection efforts

Program Highlights

  • Data Collection Best Practices for Quality Improvements

    • Guidelines for creating your data collection and analysis plan
    • Identifying what data to collect & why the data is needed
    • Data Collection/Analysis as part of the Deming Cycle
  • Quality Data Analysis: Utilizing & Reporting Results

    • Application of data results towards process improvements
    • Communicating results in a way that speaks to management
    • Using fact-based approach to decision-making
    • Measuring effectiveness of data collection and analysis
  • Data Sources: Getting the Information You Need Now

    • Improving accessibility and availability of critical data
    • Defining key sources of data and their characteristics
    • Evaluation tools to use for each data type
  • Live Question & Answer Session: Have your specific data collection & analysis questions answered!

About The Speaker

Cathy Fischer, President, established Quality Improvement Strategies, a business development and training consultancy, in April 1996 to support organizations in their mission to establish the systems necessary to sustain improvement in their business.

  • She provides management systems development, business planning, business system evaluation/audit, process improvement and technical competency development programs for organizations in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, chemical processing, professional services and retail/consumer products industries.
  • The foundation for Cathy's passion in business was developed through 15 years of experience as an engineer in the automotive industry, having worked for General Motors, BMW as well as several supply organizations.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program you'll learn proven tools for diagnosing the "health" of your quality processes using the latest data collection and analysis practices, and strategies to utilize data for decision-making and success measurement.