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Be a Difficult Conversation Hero! Be Effective & Overcome Conflict

2 Week Online Instructor-Led Training

* 5 Hour Time Commitment Price: $499.00 Per Person

Our Guarantee - We take pride in designing and executing training events that help executives increase their performance. If you are not delighted with your training experience, we ensure a 100% money-back guarantee.

Article Week -

You've sat through a webinar, but now what?! Take this week to review the article we've provided and respond to how this article pertains to you, how you would have responded differently to the situation or how you think it can help you in your every day work environment.

Day 1: Kick Off With Live Webinar

1 PM - 2 PM (eastern time)

How do I start the conversation? What if they have a problem with my leadership? If you've asked yourself these or similar questions, you're not alone! Initiating difficult conversations and talking through problems can be a challenge for any new supervisor. How can you come across as helpful and understanding while still acknowledging the problem professionally? Join us for this interactive class where you can learn:

  • The lost art of confronting problems - directly and professionally
  • Resolve conflict and still maintain positive relationships
  • Keep disagreements from escalating into arguments
  • 3-step model to identify which issues are worth confronting
  • Eliminate "disagreement reluctance"
  • How to avoid defensiveness when you are confronted
  • Keys to focusing on problems and solutions - not blaming others

Activity Week -

Step away from the classroom and use what you've learned! All students go back to their workplace, apply their new learning - and report back on the outcome. The experience allows you to understand what you've done well - and where you may still have questions for the expert instructor.

Day 9: Review Day

1 PM - 2 PM (eastern time)

Come back for a discussion with the expert instructor and your fellow classmates to discuss everyone's responses to the article. Build on what you've learned during the first webinar, and get ready to put everything you learned into action!

Day 16: Wrap Up

1 PM - 2 PM (eastern time) After attending other training events, you may use some of your new skills; however you find after trying to apply them, you now have some follow-up questions! Get the most out of your education through the Wrap-Up. You will have the opportunity to get additional guidance from the expert instructor - and learn from your classmates experiences.

Expert Instructor Experience

Pamela Jett is an internationally recognized presenter and author on developing leadership skills and improving workplace relationships. Her background includes: