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1:1 Laptop Programs: Instructor-Led Training to Increase Student Learning


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

1:1 Laptop programs allow teachers to meet the challenges of today's 21st Century education by connecting with digitally native students in a way they understand, encouraging collaboration and improving learning outcomes. How can you implement 1:1 laptop programs in your school and maximize their potential to improve learning in the classroom and at home? Join us for this can't miss, 60-minute interactive webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • 1:1 Laptop program essentials: How to develop your action plan
  • Proven strategies to create a more engaging class with laptop usage
  • Developing an assessment plan in the 1:1 classroom
  • Keys to gain buy in from administration, faculty, and parents
  • K-12 examples of how 1:1 laptop programs have been successful

Bonus:An opportunity to collaborate with expert speaker, Alex Inman, and your fellow educational professionals
  • Live Twitter chat with Alex before, during and after the webinar to address all your 1:1 Laptop concerns and collaborate with other educators in attendance!
  • Send us your lesson plans related to your 1:1 laptop program and Alex will select a few for an Attendee Panel Discussion
  • Polling Questions throughout the Webinar to track your progress

Program Highlights

  • Top Ways to Make 1:1 Laptop Programs a Success in Your School

    • From iPads to PC: How to choose the right device for your school
    • Strategies for gaining buy-in from administration, faculty & parents
    • How to be successful with laptops in any grade and any subject
  • Integration Into the Classroom: How to Take Advantage of the 1:1 ratio

    • Strategies & lesson plans to incorporate devices in your classroom
    • The interactive class: Solutions that foster student collaboration
    • Teaching digital citizenship and guidelines for laptop use
  • Learning with Laptops: Assessment plans for your 1:1 program

    • Keys to create an assessment strategy using your pedagogical framework
    • Tips to use the devices for formative & summative assessment
    • How to develop student skills & establish learning objectives
  • Live Q&A session - Have your specific 1:1 Laptop questions answered!

About The Speaker

Alex Inman launched one of the earliest K-12 laptop programs in the country at University Lake School in Hartland, WI. Alex is currently the Director of Information Services at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC where he oversees all IT, Academic Technology and Library operations.

  • He has helped many schools design and refine their own laptop and tablet programs and in 2003 launched a laptop program with Linux and Open Source technology at Whitfield School in St. Louis, MO. His work earned Whitfield School a place in IBM's Top Innovators Program. Whitfield School was also named a 2006 ComputerWorld Laureate for their innovative laptop program which was designed to claim the same benefits as traditional programs but for a significantly lower cost.
  • Alex has spoken at many international, national, and regional conferences and has facilitated workshops on general technology planning, laptop program planning, professional development and open source technologies.
  • In 2012, The National School Board Association named Alex one of the "20 to Watch" on their annual list of national education leaders.

Program Benefits

This can't miss, 60-minute webinar will provide you and your colleagues with the best ways to integrate or improve a successful 1:1 laptop program in your school.