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Women's Leadership: How Good Managers Become Great Leaders


Webinar Recording

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Top Women Leaders of today will tell you the secret to their success is balancing the right amount of management and leadership skills. Knowing the difference between being a manager and being a leader is a crucial step to moving your career to the next level. In this 60-minute training webinar you and your colleagues will learn:

  • How your power & authority can be helpful - and when it can be destructive
  • When your team expects you to lead vs. manage - what's the difference?
  • Advanced motivation skills to turn around declining moral
  • Communication skills top women leaders use in the toughest situations
  • How to perfect your strategic thinking to get to the next level

Program Highlights

  • Understanding the Difference Between a Manager and Leader

    • 3 Keys to inspire peak performance and grow your career
    • Why skill knowledge is not enough: Sharpen your strategic thinking skills
    • How to avoid the trap of thinking authority is enough, and other career killers
  • Why Authenticity is Vital to Being a Women Leader & How to Boost Yours

    • Discover how to handle mistakes: Yours and others
    • Master the art of giving praise that genuinely makes an impact
    • Leverage "power questions" to create genuine buy-in and results
  • How Women Can Lead with Empowerment & Confidence

    • Inspiration killers - avoid the common mistakes that crush motivation
    • Communicate with confidence - power words and phrases to maximize motivation
    • 3 crucial skills sets: delegation, feedback, and goal-setting
  • Question and Answer Session - Hear expert answers to real-world questions!

About The Speaker

Pamela Jett is an internationally recognized presenter and author on developing leadership skills and improving workplace relationships. Her background includes:

  • Ms. Jett has worked with clientele ranging from the high-tech sector and manufacturing to women's groups and government agencies.
  • Pamela has served clients such as Lockheed Martin, Allstate Insurance, Sony, The United Way, NASA, plus many other notable organizations.
  • She is the developer of several learning programs including "Communicate with Confidence, Credibility and Influence."
  • Her programs take participants beyond theory to hands-on application for immediate results

Program Benefits

This program is specifically designed to provide women professionals with the tools to balance key management and leadership skills and advance their career. Women will lean strategic ways to rejuvenate their careers, sharpen their competitive skills, and explore and define new career directions.