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Capacity Capital & More: Alternatives for Nonprofits to Raise More Money


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Many nonprofit organizations today are feeling the strain of not being able to raise the dollars from their traditional sources. With organizations competing for the same charitable and public sector resources, nonprofits must develop new strategies to realize more sustainable revenue models. Join us for our information-packed, 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • Capacity capital, crowdfunding & more - creative new funding ideas
  • How to evaluate revenue options that are sustainable
  • Legal & structural implications of alternative funding streams
  • Ways to integrate new options into your current revenue model
  • Bonus: How to use the Revenue Matrix Tool to evaluate your options

Program Highlights

  • Building Financial Capacity for Your Nonprofit Organization

    • Criteria to assess new options in today's financial environment
    • Specific steps to identify your current revenue risk areas
    • How to realize opportunities offered by new funding streams
  • Capacity Capital, Crowdfunding & More: What's Right for Your Nonprofit

    • The top new sources of potential revenue - examples & pitfalls
    • Legal implications to consider when looking for new revenue streams
    • Strategies to evaluate your options with the Revenue Matrix Tool
  • Ensure Financial Health in the Years Ahead: Chart Your Future Course

    • Ways to integrate new funding sources into your current revenue streams
    • Needed structure changes to access the new funding streams
    • Examples of nonprofits that used alternative resources to boost income
  • Live question and answer session - Have your specific alternative revenue stream questions answered.

About The Speaker

Tom Triplett, president of Triplett Consulting LLC, is an attorney and consultant with substantial experience with nonprofit revenue and structure issues.

  • He is a former principal consultant with Fieldstone Alliance and commissioner of three Minnesota state departments: Finance, Planning and Revenue. His nonprofit consulting work focuses on helping nonprofits nationally develop more adequate and sustainable revenue streams.
  • Tom has worked with 501c3, 501c4 and 501c6 organizations. He was president of the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul and board chair of the St Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (a charter high school). He was CEO of the Minnesota Business Partnership (the CEOs of the state's largest corporations), the St Paul Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Minnesota Project.
  • He also was an attorney with two of the state's largest law firms and deputy counsel to the state's Attorney General. He is a former board member of the St Paul Chamber of Commerce and a founder of the Center for Victims of Torture. He was on the national board of the Social Enterprise Alliance and currently serves on the Twin Cities chapter board of SEA.
  • Tom is on the adjunct faculty of the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas where he teaches courses relating to nonprofit management and finance. He is a commissioner of the Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority and is the founder of Friends of Scandia Parks and Trails. He has a B.A. from Grinnell College and a J.D. from Duke University.

Program Benefits

In this practical, 60-minute webinar, our expert presenter will provide you and your colleagues with an in-depth look at ways to identify and evaluate new and emerging sources of revenue to support your organization and its mission.