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Why Sales Reps Kick Marketing Collateral to the Curb & How to Prevent It


Webinar Recording

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When everything you sell seems similar to what customers and prospects already think they have, or what they can get from your competitors - how do you differentiate? Delivering the right message in the right ways gives your sales team the separation you need to create results. Join us for a live, 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • Overcome the customer's "status quo" - your worst competitor
  • Develop stories that appeal to the decision-making part of the brain
  • Avoid the three deadly sins of sales messaging
  • Keep your prospects & customers away from status quo complacency

Program Highlights

  • Ways to Loosen the Status Quo

    • How to get people to retain your messaging
    • Loosen the status quo with a Distinct Point of View
    • How to convince prospects to change - then choose you
  • Strategies to attach your story to a visual for greater impact

    • Keys to keeping your stories concrete and simple
    • How to promote moving away from pain vs. selling possible gain
    • Keys to giving more to customers who need less
    • Tips to broadcast actionable messages
  • Creating Value Wedge vs. Value Parity

    • Strategies to avoid the deadly sins of messaging
    • Keys to find your Value Wedge
    • Grabbing and spiking attention when it counts
  • LIVE question and answer session - Hear expert answers to all your sales script questions.

About The Speaker

Mr. Tim Riesterer is the chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions, Inc., a sales and marketing messaging company that helps global business-to-business companies like ADP, Motorola, Philips and SAP create more sales opportunities, win more deals, and increase sales profitability by improving the conversations sales representatives have with customers.

  • Tim has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, and is responsible for leading the strategic direction of Corporate Visions in thought leadership, positioning and product development.
  • Tim co-founded Customer Message Management, LLC (CMM Group), where he was CEO until it was acquired by Corporate Visions in 2008. Before CMM Group, Tim was CMO and VP of Strategic Services for Ventaso. Additionally, Tim was President and CEO of Brady Marketing Group and has worked in marketing, communication and sales support for world-class technology manufacturers such as Rockwell Automation and GE Medical Systems.
  • Tim is co-author of "Customer Message Management: Increasing Marketing's Impact on Selling" (Thomson/AMA) and "Conversations that Win the Complex Sale: Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solution, and Close More Deals" (McGraw Hill)

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide you with what sales and marketing specifically need to know to create conversations that boost sales.