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Stormwater Permitting Requirements: How to Keep Compliant, Avoid Violations


Webinar Recording

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Stormwater permitting continues to be a key area EPA targets for enforcement actions. This 60-minute webinar will clarify the most recent rules EPA has set out, giving you the information you need to help keep your facility in compliance. Please join us to hear:

  • Clear explanation of EPA's latest discharge rules for facilities
  • Requirements for permitting, BMPs, monitoring, reporting & recordkeeping
  • Guidelines to develop a compliant Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Specific examples of common permitting hang-ups and how to avoid them

Program Highlights

  • EPA's Stormwater Permitting Process & Requirements

    • Clear explanation of current stormwater permitting regulations
    • What can you expect during a typical permitting process?
    • Ways to effectively address information sought by EPA or state agencies
  • Creating a Compliant Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan regulations and EPA guidance
    • Specific requirements and guidelines for ensuring compliance
    • Self-inspections, sampling, e training & spill control: What's required
  • Common Permitting Pitfalls - How You Can Protect Your Facility

    • What you can do if failure to complete application or provide information
    • Keys to ensuring your permit requirements are addressed and completed
    • Notice of Intent: When is one needed for your facility?
  • Live Question and Answer - Have your specific Stormwater permitting issues addressed

About The Speaker

Jesse Zahn, a CHMM and Department Manager in HRP's Clifton Park, New York Office, has been assisting private and government clients with environmental compliance issues for 19 years.

  • As a project manager and department manager, Mr. Zahn, routinely assists clients with the management of oils and hazardous materials nationwide. This includes review and development of SPCC plans, storm water plans, performing integrity assessments of bulk containers, chemical management, EPCRA reporting and conducting audits and reviews of material storage.
  • Mr. Zahn's experience includes development of management systems to assist clients with achieving and maintaining environmental compliance with local, state and federal regulations.
  • His recent experience includes working with multiple industrial clients with facilities in 25 states and Canada, a government client with 70 facilities across New York State, and small locally owned facilities employing less than 25 people.

Program Benefits

Get the most up-to-date information on stormwater permitting requirements in this information packed 60-minute program. You and your staff will gain practical, hand-on tools to keep your facility compliant with the latest regulations.