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Foster Proactive Learning in K-12: How Digital Game-Based Learning Can Help


Webinar Recording

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Your students spend countless hours learning and developing skills in the interactive environment of games. Effectively utilizing games for academic learning will engage students in on their level, increasing collaboration & boosting learning outcomes. How can you harness the power of gaming to improve teaching & learning in your class? Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Game-based learning: Building gaming into your curriculum
  • The power of game tasks: Develop problem-solving & critical thinking
  • How to develop cooperation & collaboration with shared gaming goals
  • Transforming passive learning into active, inquiry-based student learning

Program Highlights

  • Getting Started with Game-Based Learning (GBL): Games as Learning Tools

    • Why students can't solve problems & how games can help
    • Strategies for integrating educational & commercial games
    • Finding & evaluating games for use in your lesson plans
  • Proven Methods to Create an Interactive & Collaborative GBL Classroom

    • Tools for you & your students to collaboratively design games
    • Keys to using shared gaming objectives to get students working together
    • How to use interactive media to truly engage students
  • Turn Gaming into Learning: Using GBL to Increase Student Achievement

    • Ways to use games and GBL to assess student learning
    • Using the difficulty progression of games to help develop cognitive skills
    • Keys to using the built-in rewards system of games to motivate students
    • Other considerations: Tips to getting parents and gaming critics on board
  • Live Q&A Session - Have your specific Game-Based Learning questions answered!

About The Speaker

Richard Van Eck is Professor and Graduate Director of the Instructional Design & Technology program at the University of North Dakota. He received his BA in Psychology and English from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, his MA in Creative Writing from the University of North Dakota, and his PhD in instructional design and development from the University of South Alabama. He was on the instructional design faculty at the University of Memphis for 5 years, where he was also a member of the Institute for Intelligent Systems and the committee chair for the Center for Multimedia Arts in the FedEx Institute of Technology.

  • Richard is known for his research on digital game-based learning, with dozens of publications and invited presentations on digital game-based learning in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, and England.
  • His interest in game-based learning focuses on the theory and practice of integrating commercial games into the classroom and the design of educational games.
  • He has designed and tested games for use in K-12 classrooms He has taught many courses and workshops for K-12 and higher education teachers who want to integrate games and meet established curriculum standards in every subject area and grade levels. His graduate students have developed more than 50 lesson plans that integrate commercial games.
  • He is also interested in the intersection of instructional design and game design, and in the need for new interdisciplinary models for the emerging field of game-based learning, and has published and presented on authoring tools, pedagogical agents, gender and technology, and technology integration. He currently resides in North Dakota with his wife Sandra and their two dogs and three cats.

Program Benefits

This interactive, 60-minute webinar will give you hands-on tools and methods for effectively leveraging the power to games to increase learning.