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Policies for Facebook, Twitter & Blogging: What's Legal; What's Not


Webinar Recording

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Facebook, Twitter and blogs, even with all the promotional benefits they bring, have become a big workplace distraction and also the latest hiring and discipline danger zones for employers. How can you effectively and legally manage electronic communications, to avoid compliance and information-security risks in your organization? Join us for this 60-minute webinar where you and your staff will learn:

  • Keys to draft & communicate an effective online & social media policy
  • Minimize legal liability in 2013: Rules of law you need to know
  • Monitoring employee use of social networks: What's legal & what's not
  • Discipline do's and don'ts to regulate employee online behavior

Program Highlights

  • Facebook, Emails & Blogs: Effective Policies for Employee Online Use

    • How to implement & enforce an online & social-networking policy
    • Monitoring communications: Law & technology strategies for your workplace
    • Minimize risks: Best simple, effective steps you need to take now
  • Keys to Proper Online Use & Enforcement: What's Legal; What's Not?

    • From online gaffe to lawsuit: Tips to reduce employee mistakes online
    • Pics, posts & emails: Ways to regulating employee online misbehavior
    • How can you benefit from the use of social networks & internet forums
  • Electronic Privacy in 2013: Policies & Procedures that Enable Compliance

    • Top strategies to protect confidential & sensitive business information
    • Laws protecting individuals' privacy: What you need to know
    • Critical information that should NEVER be posted online
  • Live Q&A session: Have your questions answered by our speaker!

About The Speaker

Electronic-Workplace expert Robert D. Brownstone, Esq. is the Technology & eDiscovery Counsel and Electronic-Information-Management (EIM) group's Co-Chair at Fenwick & West LLP, a 300 attorney Silicon-Valley-based law firm specializing in providing comprehensive services to prominent technology and life sciences clients.

  • Mr. Brownstone advises clients on the "eWorkplace," electronic-information-management, information-security, data-privacy, electronic discovery and retention/destruction policies
  • He regularly collaborates with clients on computer solutions that ensure compliance with legal obligations.
  • A nationwide advisor, speaker and writer, Mr. Brownstone is frequently quoted in the press as an expert on electronic information.
  • Mr. Brownstone also teaches Electronic Discovery Law & Process classes at the University of San Francisco (USF) and University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Schools of Law and has taught that course several times at Santa Clara University School of Law.
  • Mr. Brownstone's full bio and extensive bibliography are at

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide you with the latest solutions and guidance on drafting effective Social Media & Internet policies designed to minimize your liability.