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Disaster-Proof Your Payroll Department: Strategies for Business Continuity


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During a natural disaster, system failure or other business interruption, the employees of your company will be counting on the payroll department to provide them with their paychecks. However if you don't have a business continuity plan, how can you be sure will your payroll department will be operating as normal and not in "panic mode"? Join us for this 60-minute to discover:

  • What should be included in your business continuity plan
  • Best practices to prepare for the common pitfalls
  • Is your payroll department ready? Tips to prepare & assess threats
  • Post disaster & interruption stability: Steps for data recovery & security

Program Highlights

  • Creating a Business Continuity Plan for the Payroll Department

    • Training the payroll department: What they need to know
    • Plan development: Policies & procedures in payroll
    • Recovery objectives: Keeping the necessary components for payroll
  • Common Obstacles to Prepare For & How to Overcome Them

    • Identifying categories of disaster: What to do when you're "in the red"
    • Assessing the threats: System failures, natural disasters and more
    • Testing & updates: Keeping your continuity plan "disaster ready"
  • How to Use Your Continuity Plan and Recover After a Disaster

    • Responding to the event: Getting "back to the norm"
    • The impact to payroll: Keeping critical functions up & running
    • Putting the pieces back together: Tips for clean up & recovery
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Bruce Phipps, CPP is the Director Corporate Payroll for Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, PA. His responsibilities include all aspects of payroll. Bruce and his team process a multi-state payroll for over 9000 employees.

  • Bruce was named the 2011 APA Payroll Man of the Year.
  • Bruce has been employed in the payroll profession for 30+ years and has worked for several employers in various types of industry. During his career, he has served as a key member for several system upgrades/implementations and mergers/acquisitions.
  • Bruce has held his CPP designation since 1989. He has serves the APA on the Following committees: Hotline Referral, Automated Clearing House, GATF - Pay Card Sub Committee and the Co-Chair PA Act 32 Subcommittee , Healthcare - SPLTF, Emerging Technologies - SPLTF, Champs Mentor. Additionally, Bruce is one of the original co-authors to the first edition of APA's "A Successful Guide to Direct Deposit"
  • Bruce is currently the APA Region 3 Board of Advisor.
  • Bruce has been a Congress speaker since 2004 and the Texas Payroll Conference since 2006 and frequently speaks at chapter meetings and State wide conferences.

Program Benefits

This 60-minute webinar will provide you & your colleagues with the tools to properly plan and implement a business continuity plan for your payroll department.