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Conflict Management for Admin: Keys to Avoiding A Potential Career Killer


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Negative behaviors, toxic attitudes and difficult conversations are hard to avoid, but your success relies on coping with them. For administrative professionals it's inevitable that you must deal with people daily, and managing conflict effectively enhances your ability to do so adequately. Please join us for a 60 minute informative webinar where you will discover:

  • Managing conflict: Why it's crucial to your career & success in the future
  • Tips for conquering the blame game, personal attacks and more
  • Strategies to communicate & drive results: Gain respect & get more done
  • Top techniques to alleviate drama: Control your emotions & eliminate stress

Program Highlights

  • Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity by Understanding Conflict

    • Learn to appreciate the positive part of workplace conflict
    • Keys to distinguish the root cause of conflict quickly & effectively
    • The different types of "drama roles" and tips to eliminate them
  • Keys to Handle Criticism and Difficult Situations with Composure & Poise

    • Expert tips on responding professionally when others lose it emotionally
    • How to avoid "well-intended" mistakes that escalate conflict
    • Techniques to select the correct strategy for each conversation
  • Making Effective Changes: Keys to a Positive Workplace Environment

    • Best ways to create a cooperative workplace atmosphere
    • Tactics for developing good habits that promote teamwork & collaboration
    • Strategies for avoiding time-wasting energy-draining drama
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Gina Maddox helps ambitious individuals unleash their initiative, imagine the possibilities, establish their goals, and turn their dreams into reality, achieving both personal and professional success. Gina's high energy presentations are packed with the kind of savvy information, techniques and strategies that only come from first-hand experience.

  • Gina's professional background includes a fifteen-year career in healthcare administration which includes several years in an administrative and executive assistant role. She has national marketing and public relations experience, has been a professional fundraiser, and managed political and charity campaigns. Gina has been a freelance writer and reporter and is currently working on her new book, Born To Do More; Discover, Define and Do What You Were Born To Do.
  • Gina has been an adjunct faculty member and speaker for Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center for nine years. She has developed presentations for a wide range of clients including: The VA Hospital System, The Navy Personnel Command, Kerzner International/Atlantis Resort, and The National Security Agency.

Program Benefits

This motivational 60-minute webinar will provide you and your colleagues with top notch techniques to improve workplace morale & productivity by effectively responding to conflict with confidence, credibility and tact.