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Think Like a Purchasing Professional: Essentials of Purchasing Management


Webinar Recording

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The purchasing activities of a company, and the decisions involved in the process, directly influence your company's profit margin. Do you want to know how to start thinking like a purchasing professional and apply the essential techniques of purchasing management to your job? Get started by joining us for this 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Partner with purchasing to improve the 360⁰ process of acquisition to payment
  • Basic strategies for planning purchases and soliciting offers
  • How to properly manage vendor contracts and performance
  • What it means to develop successful criteria to evaluate offers
  • Understand the purchasing process and improve performance

Program Highlights

  • Purchasing Management Policies, Procedures, Controls and Standards

    • Ways to create uniformity and certainty in the purchasing process
    • Maintain effective purchasing records and manage purchasing budgets
    • Recognize specialized purchasing instruments and contracting methods
  • Strategies to Think Like a Purchasing Professional

    • Develop requirements to get the right product or service at the right price
    • Determine the best contracting vehicle for a specific purchase
    • Evaluate offers: Improve vendor performance to drive business operations
    • Effective contract management to meet your schedule and quality needs
  • How to Set the Standards in the Purchasing Process

    • Key criteria used to measure performance
    • Improve the services provided by your suppliers
    • Essentials of consistent and clear management of vendor performance
  • Live Q&A Session: Have you purchasing questions answered!

About The Speaker

Jameson Beekman is a management consultant at Calyptus Consulting Group specializing in strategic sourcing, spend and data analysis, and professional development training. He holds an MBA from Bryant University with a concentration in Operations Management and is a Certified Purchasing Manager through the Institute for Supply Management.

  • Mr. Beekman has over seven years' experience conducing professional development courses related to purchasing and supply chain management.
  • He has performed consulting and training services for both private sector and government clients, having provided training to over 200 procurement professionals. His expertise includes category planning, spend analysis, strategic sourcing, specification development, vendor management, contract administration, negotiation, business case development, inventory management, and operations management.

Program Benefits

If you are interested in advancing your career by discovering the fundamentals of purchasing, and understanding the strategic and tactical roles of a purchasing practitioner, then this webinar is for you. This webinar is intended for beginner-level purchasers who want to gain the knowledge they need to be involved in a purchase from start to finish.