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Maximize Your Customer Analytics: Get Deeper Customer Insights, Boost ROI


Webinar Recording

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Big data can provide great customer insights that boost campaign revenue, but you need the best possible analytics strategy to optimize your data. How you can develop, or improve, an analytics strategy to derive deep, revenue-boosting insights? Join us for this 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • Refining big data into an ROI booster: Proven analytics strategies
  • Optimize customer-centric metrics: Gain deep customer insights
  • Increase marketing effectiveness: Writing copy with insights
  • Keys to a turn insights into action: Increase sales conversions
  • Metrics to measure your campaign effectiveness

Program Highlights

  • Leveraging Data & Analytics: Keys to Develop a Successful Strategy

    • The data hierarchy: Keys to go from data to wisdom
    • Implement effective data strategies: Deciding what data matters
    • Analytical approaches: Proven ways to interpret your data
    • Ways to collect real-time customer data
  • Turn Dig Data into Deep Insights: Understand Your Customer

    • Customer-centricity: Strategies to put the customer first
    • Utilizing your customers' buying journey: How to use the 6 Cs
    • Translating customer insights into actionable innovation
    • Using data to engage, reactivate & retain your customers
  • Improve Your Marketing: Strategies to Market Using Insights & Assess ROI

    • Deriving key customer pain-points and urgency through insights
    • How to deliver a more personalized customer experience
    • Assessing ROI data from understanding customer insights
  • Q & A Session: Have Your Specific Analytics Questions Answered Live!

About The Speaker

Laura Patterson is President and Founder of VisionEdge Marketing.

  • Want to prove and improve the value of your marketing? For 20+ years, Laura has been helping CEOs and Marketing Executives at companies such as Cisco, Elsevier, ING, Intel, Kennametal, and Southwest Airlines do just that.
  • She was an early advocate of using marketing data, processes, automation, metrics, and dashboards to link marketing initiatives and investments to business outcomes.
  • Laura began her career in the financial and health care industries, later spending 15 years in the technology industry before co-founding VisionEdge Marketing in 1999.
  • Laura has lent her expertise to over 150 events, webinars and workshops. You can see Laura in action online at Marketing Made Simple, MarketingProfs, and Software Advice.
  • She has authored three books on marketing performance management, including the most recent: Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance Driven Marketing Organization.
  • Laura has also served as a guest lecturer at various universities, including the University of Texas at Austin, Dartmouth University, Purdue University, and Stanford University

Program Benefits

This comprehensive, 60-minute webinar will provide you with proven strategies and techniques to improve your marketing with deep customer insights gathered through effective analytics.