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Unclaimed Property Compliance: Keys to Escheatment Reporting


Webinar Recording

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Unclaimed property is a looming liability for businesses due to the rapidly changing escheatment laws. Collections are at an all-time high as many states are hiring third-party, contingency-based auditors. Failing to comply with property laws can cause your company to incur penalties and interest and even lead to possible criminal liability. Join us for this live, 60-minute webinar to hear unclaimed property expert, Tracey Reid, discuss:

  • Reporting unclaimed property: Latest procedures you must follow
  • Dormancy period & priority requirements: What must you report and when?
  • Identifying unclaimed property: Spot what's hidden in your books & records
  • State escheatment guidelines: A comprehensive overview by state

Program Highlights

  • How to Identify Unclaimed & Abandoned Property: Stay in Compliance

    • Classifying unclaimed property: What falls under this category
    • How to handle uncashed checks, credit balances, & gift cards
    • Key property types & exemptions: Assets, liability, and owner's equity
  • Reporting Unclaimed Property: Obligations and Accountability

    • When & where to report unclaimed property: Make sense of varying rules
    • What records should you keep and for how long?
    • How & when to request amnesty or file a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement
  • Latest Escheatment Guidelines: Requirements for Unclaimed Property in 2013

    • When and where to report unclaimed property - state rules
    • Strategies to comply with latest state and industry legislation
    • Creating a due diligence program: How to minimize liability
    • Ways to streamline your policies and procedures
  • Question & Answer Session - Have your specific unclaimed property questions answered!

About The Speaker

Tracey L. Reid, J.D., L.L.M, is President of Reid Unclaimed Property Services LLC (RUPS), a national Unclaimed Property consulting company. RUPS has helped businesses of all sizes become compliant with state unclaimed property laws since 2002.

  • Ms. Reid has been assisting businesses across the nation with voluntary compliance negotiations, audit defense, and training about unclaimed property compliance requirements for over a decade.
  • Ms. Reid specializes in defending unclaimed property audits and conducting unclaimed property compliance reviews designed to assess exposure, potential savings opportunities, and compliance process improvements.
  • Tracey is a frequent speaker across the country in the area of unclaimed property and is also the author of the book "Unclaimed Property: A Reporting Process and Audit Survival Guide" (John Wiley & Sons, 2009). She has also penned several articles, including "A Slow Leak: Are Your AP Department Profits Ending up in State Unclaimed Property Offices?" which was featured in AP Journal Online.
  • Ms. Reid has also been featured in the Association of Financial Professionals Exchange magazine, AP Now and Tomorrow, and on the NPR Radio Program "Money Matters". She was also the 2012 President of the Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization and is a member of the Unclaimed Property Subcommittee of the American Bar Association's Business Tax Division.
  • Ms. Reid is a member of the Ohio and Florida Bar Associations and is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law with a Legal Masters in Taxation. She also earned a J.D. degree from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, as well as a B.A. degree in history from Thomas Moore College.
  • Tracey Reid can be reached at (614) 804-8486 or at For more information on Ms. Reid and RUPS, please go to

Program Benefits

In this jam-packed, 60-minute webinar you will discover everything you need to know about unclaimed property reporting and legislative updates to help your company remove any potential red flags that would be found in an audit.