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Drafting & Enforcing Student Internet Policies: Facebook, iPhones & More


Webinar Recording

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Facebook, iPads, smartphones - today's evolving technologies require schools to constantly keep their student handbooks up to date to minimize legal liability. How can K-12 administrators create a policy that incorporates everything from social media and smartphones to "sexting" and cyberbullying? Join us for a live, 60-minute webinar where you and your staff will learn:

  • Keys to drafting K-12 handbook policies for smartphones & social media
  • Legal issues in technology policies and how to protect your school
  • Sexting and cyberbullying: Solutions to take control of the situation
  • Proactive ways to empower teachers to address technology misuse
  • Student social media policies: Examples to minimize liability

Program Highlights

  • Drafting & Implementing Legally Sound Social Media & Smartphone Policies

    • Writing policies & guidelines for iPhone and BlackBerry use at school
    • Ways to address sexting and cyberbullying in your student handbook
    • From Facebook to smartphones: Where can you legally draw the line?
  • Disciplining Technology Misconduct: When and How You Should Act

    • Smartphones and test time: Preventing innovative ways of cheating
    • Searching students' smartphones: Educate your teachers, avoid liability
    • Ways to legally discipline students who use the web inappropriately
  • How to Handle Internet in the Classroom & the Problems Posed by 4G

    • How to educate your students on proper internet usage at school
    • Keys to deal with students who abuse school Wi-Fi systems
    • District-wide social media policies: Solutions to minimize liability
  • Live Q&A session - Have your specific questions answered by our expert speaker!

About The Speaker

Janet Decker, J.D., Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at Indiana University's School of Education where she teaches education law and policy courses. Her research focuses on legal issues related to special education, charter schools, and technology. She has provided professional development about student and employee internet speech to educators across the nation.

  • Dr. Decker received both her Ph.D. in Education Policy Studies and her law degree from Indiana University. She also worked at the Indiana University's Maurer School of Law and the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy. Prior to her legal studies, she taught children diagnosed with autism at the Princeton Child Development Institute.

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide you and your staff with legal guidelines that will help you address the use and misuse of social media, smartphones & internet in your school.