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Garnishment Guidelines: How to Properly Prioritize, Comply and Process


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Garnishments and levies are one of the most complicated aspects of payroll management. Payroll departments need to understand all types of garnishments, the guidelines that surround them and all the compliance issues that may arise while dealing with garnishing an employee's wages, or face costly penalties. Join us for a live, 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Managing multiple garnishments: Which take priority?
  • Voluntary wage assignments vs. garnishments: Know the difference
  • How to comply with withholding for other states
  • Federal & state laws that surround wage garnishments: How they apply

  • Bonus: Examples of how to calculate various deductions

Program Highlights

  • Prioritizing Multiple Garnishments: Manage Them All & Stay Compliant

    • Which garnishments take priority?: Issues with multiple garnishments
    • Child support garnishments: Limits, prioritizing & multiple orders
    • Solving the specific requirements for creditor garnishments
  • What Payroll Needs to Know About Garnishment Calculations

    • Identifying withholding limits: How much is "too much"?
    • How to accurately calculate: Stay compliant, avoid liability
    • Handling federal levies & non-tax garnishments: Stay compliant
  • The In's & Out's of Wage Garnishments: The Latest Compliance Issues

    • Federal or state: Which laws to follow when calculating garnishments?
    • Understanding the regulations & complying with different labor laws
    • Voluntary Wage Assignment: Must you deduct? Know when & why
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Amorette (Amy) Nelson Bryant was a payroll manager for 15 years and a garnishment consultant for the past 15 years. She is author of The Complete Guide to Federal and State Garnishment and co-author of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement's The Employer's Desk Guide to Child Support. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies to whom she provides staff training, legislative updates and explanations for handling difficult garnishment issues. Her background includes:

  • Former Chair and current member of the APA Government Affairs Task Force Child Support Subcommittee and the Garnishment Subcommittee. She is former Chair of the Large Employer Task Force Legislative Sub-committee and current member of the APA Hotline. She also served on two committees with the Texas Attorney General's Office, Division of Child Support Enforcement.
  • Worked with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement to design the Order/Notice to Withhold and is a member of the e-IWO workgroup and OCSE Taskforce for employers and state agencies.
  • She is a long-time member of the American Payroll Association (APA), and serves on a number of subcommittees. She was a co-founder of the Portland, Oregon Chapter and the Texas Payroll Conference. She has held numerous offices, including President of the Portland and Houston Chapters of the APA, and she regularly conducts garnishment workshops for the APA, local APA chapters and regional conferences.

Program Benefits

Join renowned garnishment expert Amy Bryant for this comprehensive 60-minute webinar that covers the complex and troublesome situations that can arise during the garnishment process.