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Lean Office for Admins: Create a More Productive & Effective Work Environment


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

To achieve all the miracles asked of them every day, administrative professionals need an office that is optimized for efficiency and supported by simplified processes that prevent wasted time and effort. Lean Office provides admins with the knowledge and skills to make their departments more productive & successful. How can admins use these concepts to improve their offices and develop into the effective leaders that managers and supervisors crave? Join us for this 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • The 5 principles of Lean Office: How to utilize them & boost productivity
  • Ways to organize your workspace to be more effective: Keys to reduce errors
  • Identifying value & non-value added activities to reduce wasted time
  • How to streamline processes to shorten completion time & increase efficiency

Program Highlights

  • Lean Office Fundamentals: Eliminate Waste & Drive Quality Improvements

    • Discover the effective principles & outcomes of Lean Office
    • Enhance lean & reduce errors: Proven strategies to increase success
    • The 7 Wastes: How Lean Office overcomes these productivity-killers
  • Essential Tools & Methodologies for Lean Office: Increase Quality & Service

    • How Lean methodology adapts to & improves admins' day-to-day duties
    • Tools, resources, and checklists to preserve your Lean Office initiative
    • Become more efficient with the 5S principles (Sort, Set, Shine, Sustain & Standardize)
  • Keys to Implementing & Maintaining Lean Office Principles in Your Department

    • How to conduct your own 5S initiative & evaluate using Kaizen
    • Strategies to effortlessly transform your company to "think" lean
    • Ways to avoid failed tactics of lean methods made by other organizations
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Tracy Parks is founder and CEO of Simplicated, an LLC established in 2005 to support individuals and organizations to create a productive environment to effectively and efficiently accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.

  • Primary to Tracy's business approach is the belief that underlying every business process is a system or group of sub-systems which either supports or hinders effective and efficient business execution. Her passion is assisting others evaluate these systems by taking what she terms an "outside and elevated view" of each system as they operate at the present time. From this "view" each component in the system is isolated and analyzed for the purpose of discovering and intentionally executing opportunities for improvement.
  • A gifted, engaging and enthusiastic leader, speaker, and trainer Tracy is passionate about developing and delivering innovative and practical solutions and imparting skill development. As the founder and owner of four successful businesses and having spent 25 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, Simplicated, LLC grew out of Tracy's desire to share the lessons learned throughout her professional career.
  • Working across industries and in the public/private sector clients include fortune 500 clients such as Boeing, Xerox and Mercedes Benz, as well as State Universities and City Governments.

Program Benefits

Join us for a 60-minute webinar designed to help admins create a more productive and efficient work environment through Lean Office.