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iPads & Tablets in K-12: Proven Strategies to Increase Student Learning


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iPads, tablets and other eReaders have a huge impact on the teaching and learning experience. Knowing how to effectively use the devices in the classroom to integrate digital content is the key to tapping their power to engage students and improve learning outcomes. How can you effectively adopt iPads & eReaders to transform the teaching and learning experience in your class? Join us for this 60-mintue webinar to discover:

  • Best strategies for classroom use: iPads, Android Tablets & eReaders
  • Tips, tools & techniques for teaching with tablets & eTextbooks
  • Best strategies for learning & assessment in an eReader classroom
  • Top apps to excite & engage students across the curriculum
  • How to use the top resources for eTextbooks: iTunesU, Kno & more

Program Highlights

  • Tablets in the Classroom: Top Tools for Teacher & Student Success

    • From iPads to Android: Choosing the right device for your class
    • Using the anywhere-anytime access model with digital content
    • Strategies for gaining buy-in from administration, faculty & parents
  • Teaching with eTextbooks: Best Ways to Increase Learning Outcomes

    • Tips to customize content to fit your classroom's needs
    • Strategies to monitor student activity for appropriate use
    • Solutions to use online learning experiences to enhance education
    • Ways to encourage student collaboration for best learning outcomes
  • Resources & Apps for iPads & Tablets: Enhance Teaching & Learning

    • Group vs. individual use: How tablets can encourage cooperative learning
    • Beyond the text: Best ways to use the digital capabilities of eTextbooks
    • iPad Apps, Kno, iTunesU and other online tools for eTextbooks
  • Live Q&A Session: Have Your eReader & eTextbook Questions Answered!

About The Speaker

Jared Covili is a professional development trainer at the Utah Education Network in Salt Lake City, UT. Jared specializes in teaching strategies for classroom integration of technology such as web 2.0 tools, web page design, geospatial learning, Google tools, and digital devices. Jared received his Bachelors degree in English and his Masters degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology from the University of Utah. His background includes four years as a secondary Language Arts teacher.

  • Jared's first book Going Google: Powerful Tools for 21st Century Learning was published on March 2012 by Corwin Press.
  • For the past five years, Jared has worked as an adjunct faculty member for the College of Education at the University of Utah, where he teaches technology integration classes to undergraduate students.
  • Jared currently serves as the President of the Utah Coalition for Education Technology (UCET)

Program Benefits

This can't miss, 60-minute webinar will provide you and your colleagues with the most effective ways to utilize iPads, tablets and digital resources in your classroom.