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Financial Statements for Non-Financial Managers: 2-Day Online Training


Webinar Recording

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Financial statements are an important management tool. It's highly likely that, as a manager or department head, you will need to analyze a spreadsheet or put together a financial report. However, unless you have a background in accounting, reading financial statements can be like trying to understand a foreign language. Make sense of financial statements and the important factors that affect your company's bottom line by joining us for this 4-part, instructor-led, in-depth training and discover:

  • How business transactions are transformed into financial statements
  • What you need to know about balance sheets, income statements and cash flow
  • Key ratios and calculations for the financial strength and weakness of companies
  • Why cash and the cash cycle are so important to every business
  • Ways to demystify a financial statements terms and formulas
  • How average collection period and inventory turnover impact statements

  • Bonus: Instructor-led examples and exercises that bring the information to life!

Program Highlights

  • Foundations and Fundamentals of Financial Statements (Day 1, Part 1)

    • Make sense of balance sheets, income and cash flow statements
    • Key accounting concepts that are building blocks of any business
    • How to track transactions through the accounting process
    • Fundamental definitions, concepts and structure of accounting
    • Examples & exercises that make financial statements more easily understood
  • Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements (Day 1, Part 2)

    • Key components of balance sheets, income and cash flow statements
    • How to quickly scan a financial report and pick out the numbers that matter
    • Essential ratios and calculations that drive business decisions
    • Understand why the cash and cash cycle is critical to business
    • Strategic "What If" calculations to plan future activities
    • What it means to manage "with the numbers" not "by the numbers"
  • Path to Profits: Demystifying Planning and Budgeting (Day 2, Part 1)

    • Approaches to planning and budgeting for successful allocation
    • Why rolling forecasts are so important to favorable outcomes
    • Grasp the interplay between budgets and actuals
    • Easily understandable sample planning and budgeting models
    • How the foremost planning components are interrelated
    • Steps to create and apply a budgeting plan
  • Cash, Costs & Customers: Critical Components of Success (Day 2, Part 2)

    • How the three "Cs" of business directly affect financials
    • Why cash management is the common denominator of success
    • How to turn budgeting and planning strategies into a roadmap for success
    • Use customer service as a competitive edge to reduce costs
    • Top reasons businesses fail and how to avoid them
    • Implement highly effective models for controlling costs
  • Live Q&A, Exercises and Examples for these Instructor-Led Courses

About The Speaker

Carl L Young, MBA, is a former Chief Financial Officer of $275M high growth company and business owner. He is an expert leader in simplifying finance & accounting and business management with over 25 years of training experience.

  • Mr. Young is a consultant and business coach who understands the numbers and people side of business. He is also a turn-around consultant and coach specializing in organization, management, business processes, internal controls and accounting systems
  • He is also a former business owner (CEO) of a manufacturing firm producing small precision parts
  • Carl is the author of Carl Young's Rules of the Business Game, based on Carl's 25 years of experience in senior level finance, accounting, and business management positions and presented in an easy to read and understand format

Program Benefits

This 4-part webinar will look at financial statements in a way that will provide non-financial professionals and business managers with the foundation and fundamentals of finance and accounting. Each session is presented in an easy-to-understand format that applies practical financial tools and techniques that you can immediately use to enhance your success.