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Boost Your Success: How Today's Top Women Use Creativity & Innovation


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Women bring a unique set of skills to the workplace that makes us an integral part of the creative process. With the right tools and techniques, you'll be a driving force for innovation and creativity in your organization, taking it to the next level. In this dynamic 60-minute webinar you will learn:

  • The seven key principles for leading innovation you need to know
  • Why improving creativity at work propels your career forward
  • How to maximize the creative potential of individuals and teams
  • Six steps to build an environment that fosters creativity and innovation
  • 10 specific techniques for being more creative & innovative in your work

Program Highlights

  • Why Creative & Innovative Women are in Demand Today

    • How the creative process is critical to business success
    • New ways of thinking about innovation
    • Putting your creativity to work, and boost your career
    • Questions to assess your creativity ability - where do you rate?
  • How Top Women Professionals Make Innovation Work

    • Key principals of leading innovation in your organization
    • How to enhance creativity in yourself and your team
    • Steps to creating a culture that encourages creativity
    • The importance of teams in the innovation process
  • Specific Tools to Implement Creative Thinking & Innovative

    • Using brainstorming, storyboarding and mindmapping
    • Creative questions for "out of the box" thinking
    • Innovative problem solving strategies
  • Question and Answer Session - Have your specific questions answered!

About The Speaker

Tara Powers, MS is a leadership coach and training expert that helps women leaders and their teams discover how to make small behavioral shifts that create fast and lasting results. Through her coaching and training, Tara has helped hundreds of leaders accelerate their performance and effectiveness in a variety of areas, including leading innovative teams, performance management, communication skills and building positive work relationships. Tara's background includes:

  • Working with startups, government, retail, financial organizations, marketing agencies, call centers and customer service environments.
  • Her client list includes examples such as Janus Capital Group, Crocs, Aflac, Leopard, Key Equipment Finance, University of Colorado, Caterpillar, NIST, Proligo, Virgin America Airlines and more.
  • She is the current VP of Communication for the ASTD Rocky Mountain Chapter and past Chair of the Boulder Business Women's Leadership Group.
  • She is considered an expert presenter for notable organizations' such as the Best Practices Institute, Women's Vision Foundation, Colorado Human Resource Association and
  • Tara's style is described as innovative, and highly interactive, and clients continually remark on her enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness in a learning environment.

Program Benefits

This 60-minute program is designed to provide women professionals with specific tools to help them think more creatively in their work, and become effective leaders. Learn exercises that help you lead innovation in your team, and get the most from everyone involved.