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Evaluate & Control Threats: Procedures to Keep Your School Safe


Webinar Recording

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In the wake of the recent horrible tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut, it is imperative that schools re-evaluate their safety plans. How can your school properly address and manage these threats to protect your students and staff from potential danger? Join us for this 60 minute webinar where you and your staff will learn:

  • Procedures for threat assessment to ensure you school remains safe
  • Addressing all threats: Shifting to a comprehensive approach
  • Keys to building partnerships with local law enforcement agencies
  • Evaluating & updating your program: What's working, What's not
  • School safety vs. District safety: Effective solutions for K-12

Program Highlights

  • Protect Your School: Violence Prevention Strategies That Work

    • Threat Assessment Teams: How they work & who to include
    • Response interventions: Keys to reacting quickly and decisively
    • Getting police involved: Legal do's and don'ts for educators
  • Implementing Policies: Actions You Can Take for a Safer School

    • Updating your safety policy: What you need to include now
    • Keys to continuing education for first time responders
    • Dealing with parents: Communication strategies for tough situations
  • Effective Ways to Prevent & Manage Today's Threats

    • School safety vs. District safety: Key differences you need to know
    • The most common mistakes schools are making & how to avoid them
    • Threat protection: Best practices and real life examples
  • Live Q&A Session: Have your specific questions answered by our expert!

About The Speaker

Dr. Eric Frazer, is a forensic psychologist in private practice in Connecticut. His work is devoted to forensic psychology consultations as a forensic evaluator, expert witness, and consultant to schools, businesses, and trial lawyers. Dr.

  • Frazer has held a part-time faculty appointment at Yale University School of Medicine for the past ten years teaching and providing supervision to psychology fellows on various types of assessment.
  • A special interest of Dr. Frazer's is school threat assessment. He has been a consultant for several school systems since 2002 after the US Department of Education and Secret Service provided formal training on school shootings and violence prevention. He regularly assist schools with in-service workshops, program design, and threat assessment evaluations of students involved in incidents of violence, bullying, texting, and other risk-related matters.
  • Dr. Frazer recently authored the chapter, Threat Assessment in Schools, in the 2011 book Halt The Violence.

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide you and your staff with the necessary strategies to evaluate and control threats, and provide the safest environment for your students and staff.