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Bus Safety Policies & Procedures: Keys to Minimize Legal Liability & Risks


Webinar Recording

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Transporting students to and from school can be a potentially dangerous situation and can create liability issues for the school. Administrators must put effective policies in place, and properly train drivers to carry them out. How can your school provide the safest bus experience, minimizing legal liability and risks? Join us for this 60-minute webinar, where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • Discipline on the bus: Policies & procedures to ensure safety
  • Strategies for training & managing your drivers for maximum efficiency
  • Special needs students: Legal implications your school must know
  • Safety criteria for proper bus stops, routes and loading zones

Program Highlights

  • On Bus Discipline: How to Bulletproof Your Policies & Procedures

    • Disciplinary action codes: Keys to establishing appropriate consequences
    • Solutions for improving your referral and intervention processes
    • Tolerance, Facebook, Negligence: Liability issues your drivers must know
    • Best steps for effective communication between all parties involved
  • Develop a Staff of Effective and Responsible Drivers: Keys for Success

    • Strategies for recruiting and retaining the best drivers
    • Strategies for recruiting and retaining the best drivers
    • How to implement a safe driving plan to promote good performance
    • Keys to training drivers on proper student management techniques
  • Liability Issues & Legal Aspects: Solutions to Minimize Painful Consequences

    • FERPA, IEP's & special needs students: What you can & can't do
    • Proper bus stops, routes and loading zones: How to minimize liability
    • Avoiding mistakes: Real world examples of busing gone wrong
  • Live Question and Answer Session: Have Your Personal Bus Safety Questions Answered

About The Speaker

Dr. Nancy Blackwelder is a staff development specialist who has provided training to numerous state organizations, including Associations for Pupil Transportation, Attorney General Offices, and various School Board Offices, in addition to the National Association for Pupil Transportation and National Association of School Security and Law Enforcers

  • She currently operates - a site devoted to Bus Safety Training for administrators providing education on a variety of bus safety topics including discipline, bus management, crisis management and driver hiring and retention.
  • Dr. Blackwelder was the Assistant Director of Transportation in addition to being a teacher and assistant principal in the Pinellas County School System after receiving her M.S. and PhD in education leadership from the University of South Florida.

Program Benefits

This 60 minute webinar will provide you with effective strategies to enhance your bus safety and discipline procedures, avoiding legal liability and risks.