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Taxing Fringe Benefits: Latest Regulations to Ensure IRS Compliance


Webinar Recording

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If you have questions about taxing fringe benefits, you're not alone! Properly identifying, calculating, taxing, and reporting these benefits is an essential, but confusing, process for any company to tackle. Ensure that your company remains compliant with the latest IRS reporting guidelines and join us for this live, 60 minute webinar to discover:

  • Latest IRS reporting guidelines for complicated fringe benefits
  • How to avoid today's most common IRS reporting mistakes
  • Dealing with non-cash benefits: Keys to withhold, deposit and report
  • Ways to determine if a fringe benefit is taxable or not

Program Highlights

  • Best Strategies to Comply with the Latest Fringe Benefits Requirements

    • Determining which benefits are taxable - and which are not
    • How to handle non-cash benefits: Gift cards, awards, & more
    • What's new in 2013: Changes to qualified transportation benefits
  • Navigate the Complicated IRS Rules for Common Fringe Benefits

    • De Minimis benefits: How to define what falls under this category
    • Tax issues: Cafeteria plans, 3rd party sick pay, & FSA regulations
    • Keys to properly tax education and insurance benefits
  • Fringe Benefits Checklist: Ways to Determine What Benefits You Can Offer

    • Analyzing travel for tax purposes: Housing, transportation & more
    • Reimbursement plans: Pitfalls to avoid when offering these benefits
    • Determining when to withhold & when to report - rules to follow
  • Question & Answer Session - Have your specific Fringe Benefits questions answered!

About The Speaker

Patrick Haggerty, CPA,is an educator, tax consultant, and author. His career has spanned across non-profit organization management, banking, manufacturing accounting, and tax practice. Since 1988, he has taught accounting courses at the college level.

  • Mr. Haggerty also develops and teaches online college level payroll courses. Pat is an Enrolled Agent (IRS licensed taxpayer representative), a Certified Management Accountant, and holds a Michigan CPA License.
  • Pat has authored numerous published articles, as well as a monthly column for payroll newsletters. He is also a sought after speaker for professional associations.

Program Benefits

In this jam-packed, 60-minute webinar you'll discover everything you need to know about the latest fringe benefits regulations to guarantee that your company remains compliant to avoid unwanted penalties and fines.