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Internal Quality Auditing: Guidelines for Continual Improvements


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Internal Auditing is a highly effective tool to evaluate your processes and drive continual improvements. In this 60-minute webinar, you'll gain proven keys to conducting effective internal audits that boost your quality program. Please join us to discover:

  • Techniques to conduct objective, efficient, and value-added internal audits
  • Auditing strategies & how to turn your findings into lasting quality improvements
  • Guidelines for planning the audit - Develop a roadmap to success
  • Common auditing mistakes - and how to avoid them

Program Highlights

  • Internal Quality Auditing Tools for Your Organization

    • Key factors to ensure a successful and valuable audit process
    • How to target and resolve problems to significantly improve quality
    • Preparing and planning your audit to maximize results
  • Auditing Best Practices for Continual Quality Improvements

    • Turning your findings into solutions : Make the most of your closing meeting
    • Implementing audit results to improve quality and cut costs
    • What are the most important aspects to focus on during the audit?
  • Key Traits Necessary to be an Effective Internal Auditor

    • Guidelines for keeping your auditors motivated and energized
    • Specific techniques to use when training and recruiting auditors
    • Align your audit program and individual audits to your company's goals
  • Question and Answer Session - Hear expert answers to real-world Internal Auditing questions!

About The Speaker

Cathy Fisher is a dedicated quality professional and founder of Quistem, LLC and Quality Improvement Strategies.

  • With over 30 years of industry experience, Cathy has worked with thousands of organizations representing industry sectors from manufacturing, chemical processing, information management to professional services providers as well as government agencies and contractors.
  • She provides customized management systems development, business planning, business systems evaluation/audit, process improvement and technical competency development programs to support organizations in their mission to establish customer-focused processes which provide profitable results.
  • Cathy recently introduced Quistem, LLC, an online quality/technical mentorship program for quality and technical professionals to increase their knowledge and put into action quality improvement tools in order to achieve outstanding results for their employer and excel in their career growth.

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute program will provide you and your colleagues with keys to making your audit process a tool for driving strategic process improvement.