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Raise More Silent Auction Money: The Right Items for the Right Guests


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Your silent auction fundraiser deserves the best items, and right guests, to raise as much money as possible - but where do you find the right items? Join silent auction and fundraising expert, Joe Garetch, as he shows you how to procure the best items, bring in high-potential donors to get the big bids that raise more money. Join us for this 60-mintue webinar to discover:

  • Answers to the question: Where can I find the best auction items?
  • Procuring auction items: Getting bestsellers donated to your cause
  • The right items for the right guests: How to ensure high item ROI
  • How to create unique experiences & priceless items for your supporters
  • Bonus: Receive a free copy of Joe's guide: The Silent Auction Handbook

Program Highlights

  • Keys to Develop a Start-to-Finish Comprehensive Silent Auction Strategy

    • How to discover what guests are clamoring to buy & what never sells
    • Keys to setting auction goals & identifying items to meet those goals
    • What donations to avoid & how to respond to unwanted donations
  • Get the Great Items Donated: How to Effectively Procure Auction Items

    • Volunteer committees: Strategies to develop an effective procurement team
    • Who to ask: Keys to identifying high-potential item donors
    • Making the ask: Secrets to getting the Yes for donated items
  • Ensuring ROI on Auction Items: Marketing & Audience Development

    • How to create a unique experience to make a lasting impression on donors
    • The right items for the right guests: Strategies to develop your audience
    • Guidelines to item pricing and how to effectively preview items
  • Live Q&A session - Have your specific questions answered.

About The Speaker

Joe Garecht is the founder of The Fundraising Authority, and a nationally known speaker, consultant and author. He has worked with organizations large and small, helping them design profitable fundraising plans, implement new fundraising strategies, and super-charge their development efforts.

  • Joe has developed his unique silent auction strategies during a decade of fundraising, and is the author of The Silent Auction Handbook, the #1 guidebook on non-profit silent auctions. He personally managed dozens of silent auctions, with revenues ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.
  • Joe has served as the Executive Director of BLOCS, before that he was the Director of Development for The Philadelphia Children's Alliance and he has been a consultant to fundraising organizations internationally.
  • Joe has launched three multi-million dollar nonprofit fundraising operations from scratch and his specialty is helping organizations plan and implement campaigns to massively increase their fundraising revenue in a sustainable way.

Program Benefits

In this hands-on, 60-minute webinar, you will learn proven methods for procuring auction items that match your guests and maximize fundraising.