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Stop Costly Slip & Fall Injuries: OSHA Compliance Guidelines


Webinar Recording

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US Department of Labor estimates the average cost of one slip and fall injury is over $28k. In addition to Workers Comp claims, falls can put your facility at risk for OSHA fines. OSHA is now planning to revise it Walking & Working surface requirements. With the right fall prevention program, you can save your company thousands each year, and protect your employees. In this 60-minute webinar you and your supervisors will learn:

  • How to comply with OSHA's latest Walking-working surfaces rule
  • Revisions OSHA is planning for walking and working surfaces
  • The main cause of falls and what you can do to prevent them
  • Best practices to prevent slip and falls in your workplace
  • New ANSI B101 walkway safety standards - how they will affect you

Program Highlights

  • OSHA's Same Level Fall Prevention Requirements: Staying Compliant

    • Clear explanation of OSHA's rules to keep workers safe
    • Best practices and policies for your workplace
    • OSHA's proposed revisions to their walking and Working Surfaces
    • New ANSI safety standards you need to know
  • Preventing Slip & Falls: Keys to Protecting Employees & Your Company

    • What specifically causes the most slips-and-falls?
    • Prevent accidents: Selecting the right flooring material and cleaner
    • Real-world examples of how to reduce slip-and-fall claims up to 90%
  • The ANSI/NFSI Standards: What You Need to Know - and Why

    • Got slippery floors? How do you know your floors are safe?
    • The importance of hiring a third-party walkway auditor
    • Slip resistant, non-skid and high-traction: What's the difference?
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your specific slip and fall questions answered!

About The Speaker

Mr. Russell J. Kendzior is internationally recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities in the prevention of slip-and-fall accidents. His experience includes:

  • Founder and President of the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI); a not-for-profit education, research and standards organization
  • President and CEO of Traction Plus, Inc. which specializes in slip-and-fall prevention products and services
  • Author of "Slip and Fall Prevention Made Easy" a best selling book on slip-and-fall accident prevention.
  • Expert witness on more than 200 slip-and-fall lawsuits and leading industry consultant on the subject of accident prevention

Program Benefits

Slip-and fall claims are a growing and costly problem for companies, and prevention requirements are strictly enforced by OSHA. In this 60-minute program learn what you need to know to keep your employees safe, and your facility compliant.