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Latest FERPA Updates & Amendments: What Educators Need to Know


Webinar Recording

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The United States Department of Education has issued controversial amendments to FERPA regulations, expanding the usage of student data. The changes affect the rights of students and parents to the privacy of education records. What do these regulatory developments mean, and how will they impact operations at your school and your responsibilities as an educator? Join us for this 60 minute webinar where you and your staff will learn:

  • Amendments to FERPA: What are they and how do they affect your school
  • Expanded data usage: Steps you must take to ensure compliance
  • New Amendments defined: Implications on responsibility and school operations
  • Specific policy changes you must make in light of new changes

Program Highlights

  • New FERPA Updates Take Effect: How the Changes Impact Your School

    • Why changes have been made & how they will affect your school
    • Sticky exceptions & complicated FERPA issues you must know
    • Understanding student and parent rights: Keys to ensure compliance
  • Key FERPA Changes Regarding Disclosures of Information

    • What definitions and disclosure requirements have been affected?
    • How do research and studies of educational effectiveness impact disclosures?
    • What institutions are required to disclose, and to whom?
  • Policy & Procedures affected by FERPA Changes

    • Keys to ensure compliance and still protect student privacy
    • Disclosure policy changes you must implement now
    • Policy changes defined: Impact on operations and responsibilities
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Khaliah Barnes is the EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) Administrative Law Counsel. Ms. Barnes has submitted extensive administrative agency comments on a variety of issues, including domestic surveillance, student privacy, medical privacy, and open government.

  • She has provided commentary to local and national media, including CBS This Morning, NPR, and Time Magazine.
  • She is a member of the Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Section of the American Bar Association.
  • Ms. Barnes coordinates EPIC's Student Privacy Project, where she defends student privacy rights in federal court, writes on contemporary student privacy issues, and has testified on the need to safeguard student records.

Program Benefits

This practical 60-minute webinar will provide advanced instruction for administrators responsible for the compilation, custody, and disclosure of information from student records under the new FERPA regulations.