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Process Mapping: Cut Errors, Reduce Costs & Improve Quality


Webinar Recording

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Process mapping is a very effective diagnostic tool to target and correct errors and problem areas in your process. This practical method helps you create specific solutions that eliminate non-value adding work, wasted time and costs. In this 60-minute webinar you and your team will discover how to:

  • Document and analyze data to redesign processes for improvements
  • Start up and maintain successful process improvement projects
  • Target "broken" processes and develop lasting solutions
  • Engage and motivate teams to streamline processes
  • Give clear direction to your process improvement efforts

Program Highlights

  • Process Mapping: Tools to Create a Structure for Success

    • Identifying flaws & bottlenecks: Get to the root of common setbacks
    • How to choose the right levels of process mapping for your organization
    • Keys to assessing the 16 symptoms of a broken process
    • Delivering effective recommendations that get results
  • Cut Errors, Reduce Costs with Process Mapping

    • The five "lenses" for process analysis to gather data
    • Keys to creating a Customer Report Card tailored to your organization
    • How to gauge and transform employee frustrations into quality solutions
    • Allocating time efficiently when assessing cycle, process and wait times
  • Techniques to Improve Your Core Processes

    • Budgeting & calculating costs of a process using Activity Based Costing
    • Design principles to improve efficiency & customer satisfaction
    • Five actionable options for successful process implementation
  • Question and Answer Session - Hear real-world process mapping questions answered!!

About The Speaker

Daniel J. Madison is recognized as a leading authority on process mapping and improvement. His experience includes: Principal in Value Creation Partners, an organizational consulting and training firm.

  • Author of "Process Mapping, Process Improvement and Process Management."
  • Helping clients increase value through operational improvement, lean techniques, and executive coaching.
  • Assisting clients such as Cisco Systems, Applied Materials, Health Alliance Plan, California League of Cities, AT&T, United Space Alliance, and the US Department of Agriculture.
  • Teaching courses on Process Mapping and Process Improvement, Process Metrics, Management, and Controls, and Analyzing and Improving Office and Service Operations (Lean Office)

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program you and your team will gain clear guidelines to closely assess your current processes, and effective tools for making improvements that eliminate frustrations, errors, time and costs.