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Utilizing Excel in your Finance Department: Easy-to-Use Cost Savings Tools


Webinar Recording

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Excel has all the tools you need to start detecting potential profit leaks in your company, but it’s crucial you know how to use the wide array of financial tools that are available. Whether it’s improved vendor selection, or Excel-based tests that you implement on Accounts Payable data, you can become a cost savings superstar as you transform your department into a savings and profit center. Join us for this live, 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • How to make practical cost savings plans with easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets
  • Detect hidden company cash by executing Excel-based tests on your A/P data
  • Best ways to stop large profit leaks by using Pivot Table trending tools
  • Tools to improve vendor selection & transactions for further review in Excel

Program Highlights

  • How to Become a Cost Savings Superstar with Simple Excel Techniques

    • Detect potential fraud: Why your cost saving reviews matter
    • Using Excel to support Sarbanes-Oxley control testing plans
    • Establishing new cost savings initiatives -- the Excel way
  • Ways to Use Excel in your Finance and Accounts Payable Departments

    • Pivot Table trending, mathematical scoring, and more!
    • Highlighting various trends in your Accounts Payable data
    • Establishing & optimizing cost-saving initiatives through Excel
  • Implementing Effective Fraud Fighters: How to detect & remove risk

    • Best automation tips to make your job quicker & easier
    • Excel tools for protecting & removing potential profit leaks
    • Annual costs vs. potential savings: Free up extra cash in 2014
  • Live Q & A Session - Have all your Excel & cost savings questions answered!

About The Speaker

Richard B. Lanza, president of Cash Recovery Partners LLC (CRP), is a certified public accountant and certified fraud examiner who has authored 13 publications and training courses, as well as, more than 75 articles focused on auditing software and cost recovery.

  • He is the author of the book "Cost Recovery: Turning Your Accounts Payable Department into a Profit Center" which was written after his decades of experience in cost recovery auditing.
  • He has been awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners for Outstanding Achievement in Business, as well as, being recognized in the AICPA's Audit Standard 99 (AU316) for his work with "Management Antifraud Programs and Controls."
  • Rich Lanza's expertise is helping companies of all sizes identify their hidden financial assets, mostly using simple technology like Microsoft Excel. Rich's nearly two decades of experience in audit technology and recovery auditing has made him a leader and authority in these areas. His web site is

Program Benefits

In this jam-packed, 60-minute webinar you will discover everything you need to know about how to utilize Excel in your financial departments to analyze your data and cut costs in 2014.