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Women's Leadership: How to Increase Your Influence and Visibility


Webinar Recording

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Many women professionals struggle with having their hard work recognized at the office. Are you frustrated with trying to get buy-in for your ideas in meetings? Wish someone would show you ways to become more visible, and gain the seat at the table you aspire to? Please join us to learn how professional woman can:

  • Capitalize on their own unique skills and strengths to stand out
  • Identify professional goals, and what it takes to get there
  • Expand and deepen visibility in the workplace
  • Build credibility and influence to get a seat at the table

Program Highlights

  • What Women Need to Know to be Both Seen & Heard at Work

    • Learning to self-promote: Be your own best cheerleader
    • Using language that builds credibility - what to say & what to avoid
    • Choosing postures that empower you
    • What you may be doing to sabotage your own career
  • Identifying Your Professional Goals - and Making It Happen

    • Setting a clear goal - where do you want to go from here?
    • Identifying the drivers that will make your objectives a reality
    • Tips to better work your network and make strong connections
  • Action Steps of Top Women Professionals to Increase Influence & Visibility

    • Determining how you want to be seen at work
    • How to make it clear that you want that seat at the table!
    • Tips to help you gain better buy-in and more influence
    • Best practices to maintain and broaden your visibility
  • Question and Answer Session - Hear expert answers to real-world questions!

About The Speaker

Colleen Slaughter is the Founder of Authentic Leadership International (ALI), a leadership development and executive coaching firm. She specializes in change leadership, coaching, consulting and speaking.

  • As an Executive Coach, Colleen enhances clients' abilities to connect with and act from their core values so that they can achieve greater satisfaction, performance and productivity.
  • As a Management Consultant, Colleen has pioneered the establishment of new areas of expertise - and designed and implemented several impactful change initiatives - for multinational companies such as: General Motors, Altran, Alstom, SanofiAventis, Deutsche Post, O2, France Telecom, Husky, and Heinz.
  • She serves a range of clientele from Fortune-500 companies to small-to medium- enterprises to individuals.
  • Clients include those in the pharmaceutical, health-care R&D, high-tech, logistics, telecom, consumer products, diversified manufacturing, automotive, green, non-profit, and legal and financial services industries.
  • Colleen spent 14 years living and working in France, and holds an MBA from HEC Paris. She has worked with many global teams and is trilingual in French, German and English.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute program, you and your women colleagues will learn essential skills to increase your visibility and influence at work, and gain a better understanding of your unique skills - and how to utilize them to gain a seat at the table.