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Annual Reports that Inspire Your Donors: Keys to Raise More Money


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Presenting a clear, concise, and inspiring annual report gives donors the incentive they need to donate again and again. How do you construct an annual report that will positively influence your current and prospective donors? Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • What to include and what to remove from your annual report
  • 5 design elements that make readers remember what you're telling them
  • Print vs. digital annual reports: What works & why
  • 25 websites to get free, professional photography - today
  • Raising more money - real life examples of effective annual reports

Program Highlights

  • The Perfect Annual Report - Key Elements to Inspire Donors

    • 4 things to include in your annual report & what to leave out
    • Strategies to make your financials tell an important story
    • Tips to get your CEO to write a letter donors will read
    • Posting your Annual Report online - key elements for success
  • Ways to Design an Annual Report that Donors Will Read & Respond To

    • How to design a report that is shorter, clearer and more concise
    • Best tips for using pictures to tell your story
    • How to improve giving with effective quotes, captions, & subheadings
  • Inspiring Ways to Drive More Passion for Your Cause & Get More Money

    • Tips to share your accomplishments in a way your donors can relate to
    • How to tell if you are saying "thank you" enough
    • Best tips to handle the donor list in your annual report
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Rick Schwartz has been a leader in nonprofit communications for more than 35 years. He is a top-rated speaker nationally as well as a consultant in communications, strategic thinking, and development. He has been responsible for more than 30 annual reports (that's when he stopped counting) and continues to create and consult on new ones every year.

  • Rick was a journalist for the first part of his career, from newspapers in Indiana and Pennsylvania to a national magazine in Washington, DC to a political journal in Boston.
  • He was staff director for the Massachusetts Senate Committee for Human Services, overseeing 14 areas from corrections to welfare and leading major investigations into the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) system, placement of children in adult mental health facilities, and unreported deaths of patients in state care.
  • Rick worked with hundreds of arts nonprofits of all sizes as Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities, then the second largest state arts grantmaker in the nation.
  • From 1993-2006, he was vice president for communications at The Rhode Island Foundation, winning five national awards for websites and publications and a German Marshall Fellowship to study foundations in Europe.
  • Additional information can be found on his website:

Program Benefits

In this practical, 60-minute webinar, you and your colleagues will learn easy and practical techniques to transform your annual report into a powerful tool that boosts donations, retains donor loyalty, and invites new supporters.