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Classroom Policies & Procedures for a Successful BYOD Program


Webinar Recording

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs allow schools and districts to bring interactive and new technologies into the classroom and save money while providing cutting edge education. Implementing and managing effective BYOD initiatives can be challenging, but what can you do to minimize the risks, gain buy-in and improve learning outcomes? Join us for this 60-minute training where you will discover:

  • Getting Started: Best solutions to implementing your BYOD program
  • Effective BYOD policies & procedures to minimize risks
  • Classroom management tips: Keep students focused in a BYOD model
  • Interactive digital lessons that keep your students engaged & productive
  • How to engage student learning & improve academic success with BYOD

Program Highlights

  • Planning & Implementing a Successful BYOD Class

    • Best approaches to teaching with student-owned devices
    • Proper leverage of mobile devices to empower student learning
    • How to calculate the BYOD costs advantage for your school or district
  • Managing BYOD: Keep Your Students Focused in a BYOD Model

    • How tech providers can work with your school to deliver content
    • Best ways to gain buy-in from parents & higher-ups
    • Key ways to enforce BYOD policies & procedures in the classroom
  • Top BYOD Tools to Increase Learning with Devices Students Already Own

    • Creative, interactive lessons that keep your student's attention
    • Use student owned devices to integrate social media in the classroom
    • Money saving classroom resources: eTextbooks, online apps, and more!
  • Live Q&A Session- Have Your Questions Answered!

About The Speaker

Alex Inman currently serves as the Director of Information Services at Sidwell Friends School where he oversees all IT, Academic Technology, and Library Operations.

  • He also leads Educational Collaborators, a national network group of current and recent educators who help schools and districts with their initiative technologies.
  • Alex has spoken at many international, national, and regional conferences and has facilitated workshops on general technology planning, laptop program planning, professional development and open source technologies.
  • In 2012, The National School Board Association named Alex one of the "20 to Watch" on their annual list of national education leaders.

Program Benefits

This interactive, 60-minute webinar will provide you with the best tools and resources to successfully implement an effective BYOD program in your classroom.