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Payroll Compliance & Technology: Using E-Verify, E-Filing, E-IWOs & More


Webinar Recording

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The use of technology in payroll is growing rapidly. More employees are asking for self-service portals & emailed copies of their federal & state forms. How can you start using some of the newest aspects of payroll technology, and still remain compliant with all federal and state regulations & guidelines? Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Using technology to respond to orders & requests: Garnishments & more
  • Electronic filing with the IRS: Rules & regulations, stay compliant
  • The common pitfalls while utilizing technology in payroll processes
  • Advancements in payroll: Applying new practices, increasing productivity

Program Highlights

  • Using technology in Payroll: Respond to Orders & File with the IRS

    • Garnishing an employee's wages: Comply with e-IWO's
    • Separation from an employee: Utilize E-Response with the IRS
    • Updates on Electronic Filing: Stay compliant in 2014
    • E-Verify employee work status: Contacting immigration & DHS
  • Understand Technology Regulations & Ensure Compliant

    • Electronic Filing with the IRS: Don't file the wrong forms
    • Avoiding red flags & discrimination while using e-verify
    • Does your state utilize electronic income withholding orders?
  • New & Upcoming Technological Payroll Resources: What You Should Know

    • Payroll & the cloud: Employee self-service portals for payroll
    • DOL smartphone app: Electronic timesheets made easy
    • Upcoming technology features in payroll: Stay Updated
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Dayna J. Reum CPP, FPC is the Payroll Tax & Garnishment Manager at PetSmart Inc. and performs independent payroll training for companies in the Phoenix metro area. She has been involved in payroll training for the past 10 years.

  • Ms. Reum serves on the National American Payroll Association on the national hotline service and Strategic Leadership Task Force.
  • She received a Citation of Merit for her service along with being a Gold Pin member of the APA and has also received several merit awards for customer service, and acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Ms. Reum earned her fundamental and certified payroll professional certification through the American Payroll Association.

Program Benefits

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover effective ways to determine what electronic payroll features you can begin adapting and new payroll innovations are becoming available.