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Firing Unsafe Employees: Legal & Effective Guidelines for Supervisors


Webinar Recording

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You provide safety training, have a safety training program, yet some employees still feel "it can't happen to them" or seem to just be accident prone. These employees are a risk to your workplace safety; how can you legally and effectively fire these at-risk employees? In this 60-minute webinar you and your supervisors will learn:

  • Legal steps your supervisors should be taking
  • How to document and build a strong case
  • Guidance on conducting the oral, written and final warning
  • How to recognize and handle your "problem" employees
  • Ways to minimize retaliation when it comes to firing

Program Highlights

  • Guidelines to Legally Handle Accident Prone Employees

    • Can you can fire someone for having an "unsafe attitude?"
    • What should your files contain before you take action?
    • Guarding against retaliation and handling whistleblowers
  • Documentation Best Practice to Build and Effective Case

    • Documentation guidelines for supervisors
    • Keys to ensuring consistency and appropriate timing
    • Progressive discipline: Why and how it works
  • Terminating Employees: What Supervisors Should & Shouldn't Do

    • Tips for how to handle firing an employee
    • Issues to stay focused on - and the ones to steer clear of
    • Guidelines for your supervisors
  • Question & Answer Session - Live question and answer with our speaker

About The Speaker

Maria Anastas is a shareholder in the San Francisco, California office of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak and Stewart.

  • She represents employers in labor and employment law matters exclusively with a primary emphasis on traditional labor matters.

Program Benefits

Unsafe or insubordinate behavior comes with the risk an employee will file a workers compensation retaliation, whistleblower, ADA, FMLA or other claims. In this 60-minute program discover steps to legally terminate employees that jeopardize the safety of others.