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Multi State Taxation: What Every Payroll Professional Needs to Know


Webinar Recording

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The payroll department of a multi-state employer must comply with the regulations for state-specific tax codes, withholdings and deposit schedules to avoid costly fines. Payroll professionals must know the taxation and reporting requirements for all states where the company has employees working, or in some cases, living. Join us for a live, 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Which states follow which versions of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Pivotal resident and non-resident taxation policies payroll must know
  • How reciprocal agreements affect taxation of wages
  • Latest updates on taxes required by all states: Income, SUI, SDI, Local
  • How to handle employees who live in one state and perform services in another

Program Highlights

  • Multi-State Taxation: Reporting Regulations for Payroll

    • How to handle employees who travel to multiple locations
    • Strategies to determining state withholding liability
    • Account for employees who live in one state but work in another
  • Common Pitfalls & Problems When Dealing with Multi-State Taxation

    • Which states require a withholding allowance certificate, W-4 or neither
    • Keys to ensure state compliance and avoid penalties
    • Understand the payroll rules for reporting to other states
  • Know the Facts: State Withholding & Unemployment Issues Facing Payroll

    • Accurately tally taxable & nontaxable fringe benefits
    • Nonresidents: Which state gets the SUI tax & which gets the income tax
    • Manage supplemental withholding: Taxable wages and contributions rates
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Dayna J. Reum CPP, FPC is the Payroll Tax & Garnishment Manager at PetSmart Inc. and performs independent payroll training for companies in the Phoenix metro area. She has been involved in payroll training for the past 10 years.

  • Ms. Reum serves on the National American Payroll Association on the national hotline service and Strategic Leadership Task Force.
  • She received a Citation of Merit for her service along with being a Gold Pin member of the APA and has also received several merit awards for customer service, and acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Ms. Reum earned her fundamental and certified payroll professional certification through the American Payroll Association.

Program Benefits

Understanding the rules governing multi-state payroll can be difficult and confusing. Join payroll expert Mindy Harada for this 60-minute webinar to ensure you are properly reporting fringe benefits, traveling employees and state withholding taxes, for your multi-state payroll.