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Copywriting Secrets: Proven Strategies to Boost Your Results!


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Implementing the best copywriting practices for marketing efforts will increase SEO rankings, drive more traffic and increase conversion rates. How can you determine and use the right keywords to get found on search engines, quickly grab your customers' attention and convert the sale? Join us for this can't miss, 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • Simple steps to discover keywords that attract & convert more clients
  • Techniques to produce copy that primes clients to buy from YOU
  • Best copywriting practices using sticky product names to drive traffic
  • Why your sales, PR & marketing teams must know your top keywords

  • Bonus Handout: "The Top 15 Words That Will Make Anyone Open Their Wallet for You!"

Program Highlights

  • Copy that Sells For You: Fundamentals of Copywriting for Conversion

    • The two most important words to use in your copy
    • Writing captivating copy: What to include to get the sale
    • Why niching every page individually means more revenue
  • Keys to SEO Copywriting: Get Found & Drive Traffic

    • Strategies to uncover your real keywords & become a client magnet
    • How to organically build keywords & phrases into "mirror" copy
    • Techniques to name your products, pages and websites to increase SEO
    • What you gain by training your team on your keywords
  • Copywriting Commandments that Every Writer Needs to Know

    • Writing for the human element: Understand what consumers desire
    • Proven copywriting rules that will guarantee you better results
    • Benefits vs. Features: Selling the sizzle and not the steak!
  • Live Q&A session: Have Your Specific SEO Copywriting Questions Answered Live!

About The Speaker

Beverly Bergman, is the Founder and CEO of Copywriting Communications Group, a strategic marketing development firm that turns promotional content into gold for businesses worldwide. Beverly, also known by her clients as The Queen of Copywriting, is an award-winning twenty-year veteran in the marketing industry. She is considered one of the top direct response copywriters in her field today, consistently exceeding revenue and ROI goals as an advertising product manager and marketing communication/writing specialist for several corporations ranging from $25 million to $25 billion in assets.

  • Her opt-in page consistently pulls a 77% click-through rate and she focuses on helping companies to attract more of their ideal clients and get higher conversion rates by optimizing the right keywords in their marketing materials and writing copy that turns to gold.
  • Beverly is a speaker, teacher, copywriter and consultant residing in San Diego and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a psychology minor from Ohio University. She is the past president of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance, and a past board member of several non-profit organizations helping children heal and grow through exposure to the arts.
  • She is a featured author in "The Power of Leadership in Business Networking," creator of "Writing That Sells" copywriting course and the author of the E-book: "Squeeze Page Juice: How to Create High-Converting, Lead Generation, Opt-in Pages!"
  • Contact Beverly for a complimentary strategy call through her website at: www.TurningCopyInto

Program Benefits

In this hands-on, 60-minute webinar you will be provided with specific keyword discovery, copywriting techniques and strategies to improve SEO rankings, drive traffic to your site and increase conversion rates.