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Strategic Planning: Help Your Business Thrive and Win!


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

In today's demanding business environment, if you are going to further your career you need to know how to create a strategy and get the cooperation and resources to see it through. Join strategic planning expert Rick Johnson for this step-by-step process that will show you how to develop a strategic plan and take charge of the entire process.

  • Top 10 common mistakes of strategic planning and how to avoid them
  • Become the leader that can dependably meet current and future demands
  • What are the most important guidelines in your planning efforts?
  • Discover what a strategic plan should include - and what it shouldn't
  • Set specific direction, prioritize action strategies, and generate measurable outcomes
  • Achieve your goals, regardless of industry or company size

  • Bonus: Handouts designed to help participants think through the real-time strategic planning process.

Program Highlights

  • Keys to Success for Strategic Planning: Build a Solid Platform for Change (Day 1, Part 1)

    • Be the go-to person that can develop a plan for your department or company
    • Turn your business plan into real-world, specific, actionable objectives
    • Understand the critical analysis and development of strategic initiatives
    • Create commitment and ownership of action items with timelines and desired results
    • Ways to cultivate a team culture that increases results and success
  • Real Value of Strategic Planning: Responding to a Changing Environment (Day 1, Part 2)

    • Keys to deliver the results you promise and get buy-in from top to bottom
    • Develop creative solutions by leveraging innovation of all team members
    • Better meet the needs of customers, employees and stakeholders
    • Take ownership of the long-term objectives that increase revenue and viability
    • Keys to leverage creativity and innovation that stimulate new solutions on problems
    • Set the foundation to tackle complex project more easily and efficiently
  • Nuts and Bolts of Plan Development: Rise to the Challenge (Day 2, Part 1)

    • 3 keys to successful strategic planning that will ensure positive changes
    • Creating a dynamic force: How to select the right members for the team
    • How to ask probing questions and facilitate conversations to build commitment
    • Turn Critical Core Initiatives (CCIs) into Strategic Implementation Plans (SIPs)
    • How to accurately document and analyze results for continuous improvement
    • Assemble, articulate and write a "Roadmap to Success" for your plan
  • Implementation, Accountability and Common Mistakes (Day 2, Part 2)

    • Acquire the skills to think, act and influence others to achieve enduring success
    • What you need to promote your plan in a roll out presentation
    • Why it is critical to conduct a strategic review meeting
    • Utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and SIPs to hold members accountable
    • Avoid the 10 most common mistakes that threaten any strategic plan

    • Bonus: Benefit from an immediate take-away with the Quick Reference Guide
  • Live Q&A after each session! Have your most pressing questions answered!

About The Speaker

As the founder of CEO Strategist and as a veteran of the wholesale distribution industry with more than 30 years of executive management experience, Rick Johnson knows exactly what it takes to create leaders within a company, and how to maximize every sale to its full potential.

  • Rick started his career employed by the largest steel distributor in the world. Then challenging himself to take what he had learned and forge a venture of his own, he built a $25 million wholesale distribution business in less than 10 years (before earning a college education!).
  • Deciding to succeed on the industrial front lines and in the classroom, Rick then went on to complete his bachelor's degree, MBA and his Ph.D. in Business Strategy.
  • With his significant real-world experience and impressive academic credentials, today Rick travels the United States speaking to CEOs, business leaders, and employees about how to increase their bottom line.

Program Benefits

Leaders throughout any organization face tremendous pressures to make short-term numbers and show immediate wins all while showing continued success in the long-run. To do this, you need to be able to step up and deliver an insightful strategic plan that others will believe in and follow, regardless of the size or scope. Move your career forward and join us for this comprehensive 2-day strategic planning training that shows you how to create a successful strategic plan.