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Getting to the Root Cause: Tools to Fix Errors, Improve Quality


Webinar Recording

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(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Repeat problems not only have a negative impact on an organization's bottom line, but can also damage an organization's reputation to its customers. In this 60-minute webinar program you and your team will discover:

  • Specific tools to apply in diagnosing recurring problems
  • Steps to isolating and identifying the real root cause of repeat problems
  • Three solutions you can apply to correct the problem and stop it
  • How much repeat problems are really costing your organization

Program Highlights

  • Effective Root Cause Analysis: Where Do You Start?

    • CREI problem statement - key tool for effective analysis
    • Using questions and data to identify the problem's source
    • Management's role in finding and fixing errors
    • Understanding the tangible and intangible costs of recurring errors
  • Tools for Getting to the Root Cause of Repeating Problems

    • The four levels of root cause you need to know
    • Tools for identifying and evaluating potential causes
    • Methods for confirming your root cause diagnosis
  • Effective Action Steps to Eliminate Recurring Problems

    • Three solutions to stop errors and prevent reoccurrences
    • Risk evaluation of taking action to correct root causes
    • Measuring effectiveness of actions taken
    • Documenting results of Root Cause Analysis using FMEAs
  • Question and Answer Session - Hear real-world root cause questions answered!

About The Speaker

Cathy Fisher is a dedicated quality professional and founder of Quistem, LLC and Quality Improvement strategies.

  • With over 30 years of industry experience, Cathy has worked with thousands of organizations representing industry sectors from manufacturing, chemical processing, information management to professional services providers as well as government agencies and contractors.
  • She provides customized management systems development, business planning, business systems evaluation/audit, process improvement and technical competency development programs to support organizations in their mission to establish customer focused processes which provide profitable results.
  • Recently introduced Quistem, LLC, an online quality/technical mentorship program for quality and technical professionals to increase their knowledge and put into action quality improvement tools in order to achieve outstanding results for their employer and excel in their career growth.

Program Benefits

This practical 60-minute webinar will provide you and your colleagues with the latest information on creating lasting solutions by identifying the underlying cause of problems.