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Creating Excel Dashboards: Tools to Maximize Excel for Financial Use


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Excel Dashboards are the ideal tool for empowering users to quickly incorporate large amounts of financial data using charts and summary tables - plus, they are visually appealing! So, how can you transform your raw data into readable figures that are clear, concise, and useful to CEOs, managers, business owners, consultants, and board members? Join us for this 90-minute, hands-on training session to watch Excel expert, Tom Scott, demonstrate how to:

  • Link your spreadsheets to Microsoft Access, SQL databases & text files
  • Working with Pivot Tables: Simple additions to Excel Dashboards
  • Excel features to further enhance your Dashboards
  • How to build charts that automatically expand to include new data

Program Highlights

  • Excel Dashboards: How to Arrange your Data into Readable Charts & Tables

    • Best methods for bringing data into Excel from other sources
    • Various Excel features: Group/Ungroup, Custom Views & more!
    • Tools to create a single worksheet that performs multiple tasks
  • Pivot Tables & Dashboards: Techniques to Maximize Excel for Financial Use

    • Drill-down feature: Access add'l. detail in an easy, on-demand format
    • Set-and-forget links: How to export text files from other programs
    • Ways to isolate your top customers or inventory items for easy analysis
  • Tools to Enhance the Dashboard Functionality: New Features & Techniques

    • "Slicers" feature: More efficient ways to filter your PivotTable data
    • Self-expanding data ranges: References for graphs, tables, & formulas
    • Best ways to visually present your information in Dashboard form
  • Live Q & A Session - Have all your Excel Dashboard questions answered!

About The Speaker

Tom Scott is the Principal Consultant of Jerts Consulting and Services, a Toronto-based spreadsheet consultancy.

  • Tom has over 20 years' experience developing spreadsheets for reporting and decision making, and over 10 years' experience in technical training.
  • He has a degree in Commerce and Arts (Economics) from McMaster University and a Certificate in Audit Education from the University of St. Francis-Xavier.

Program Benefits

During this jam-packed, 90-minute webinar you will discover everything you need to know about a variety of Excel features and Dashboard techniques to ultimately help you utilize Excel in a more efficient manner.