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Women's Leadership: Handling Conflict with Confidence & Tact


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Every workplace has conflict. It's how we respond that makes the difference, and men and women typically respond differently. This informative webinar gives women professionals techniques for responding to workplace conflict and confrontation with confidence and competency, rather than emotion. Join us to learn how to:

  • Respond to conflict with tact and professionalism
  • Avoid situations that automatically spark conflict
  • Maintain your composure and confidence under fire
  • Communicate effectively even when you disagree
  • Prevent difficult situations from escalating further

Program Highlights

  • How Women Can Handle Conflict Professionally & Confidently

    • Five proven tips to successfully approach conflict
    • How to keep calm and cool when others loose it
    • When things heat up: Skills to get you through disagreements
    • Helpful hints for when emotions get the better of you
  • Avoiding the Blame Game: Keys to Finding Resolutions

    • Why conflicts occur - and how you can avoid them
    • He said - She Said: Tips for separating facts from opinions
    • When to respond and when you need to just "let it go"
    • They won't listen: How to effectively provide other choices
  • Give it a Woman's Touch - Effective Ways to Decrease Conflict

    • Off the battlefield: Taking the discussion to neutral ground
    • Finding a mutually acceptable solution for the toughest conflicts
    • When taking a time-out may be the most productive course
  • Live question & answer session - Have your specific Women's Leadership questions answered

About The Speaker

Pamela Jett is an internationally recognized presenter and author on developing leadership skills and improving workplace relationships. Her background includes:

  • Ms. Jett has worked with clientele ranging from the high-tech sector and manufacturing to women's groups and government agencies.
  • Pamela has served clients such as Lockheed Martin, Allstate Insurance, Sony, The United Way, NASA, plus many other notable organizations.
  • She is the developer of several learning programs including "Communicate with Confidence, Credibility and Influence."
  • Her programs take participants beyond theory to hands-on application for immediate results

Program Benefits

Navigating workplace conflicts can be dicey, especially when emotions run high. This 60-minute programs gives women a roadmap for resolving conflict with co-workers, supervisors, and direct reports. You'll walk away with skills to tactfully intervene before turf wars, petty disagreements and differences of opinion escalate into full-blown arguments!