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Effective Accident Investigations: Best Practices for Your Organization


Webinar Recording

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To be effective and thorough, accident investigations need clear guidelines for employees to follow. Without them, the process quickly breaks down, putting the organization at risk for legal problems including OSHA citations and third-party lawsuits. Join us for this 60-minute webinar to learn:

  • How to avoid the top legal traps of performing accident investigations
  • Guidelines to keep damaging, unrelated information out of reports
  • Specific actions that can make or break a lawsuit against you
  • Documentation approaches to strengthen defensive strategies
  • Ways to improve your investigations, increase safety, and prevent liability

Program Highlights

  • How to Conducting an Effective Accident Investigation

    • Guidelines for conducting a thorough investigation
    • Proper handling of discussions and evidence
    • OSHA's rules pertaining to accident investigations
  • Prevent the Investigation from Being Used Against You

    • Limiting supervisor, management and organizational liability
    • What you should and should not put in writing
    • Protecting information from discoverability
    • Handling regulations, citations and violations
  • What You Can Do to Reduce Risk of Employee Lawsuits

    • Overview of OSHA, workers' comp, ADA and FMLA
    • Federal enforcement for criminal and civil prosecution
    • Safety Observation Audits: Requirements for document retention
    • Managing contractor liabilities and avoiding tort litigation
  • Live Question and Answer Session - Have Your Specific Accident Investigation Questions Answered

About The Speaker

Expert speaker Adele L. Abrams, Esq., CSMP is nationally recognized as a leading authority on legally effective accident investigations. She has led dozens of accident investigations and developed a model emergency plan for a national organization.

  • Ms. Abrams is a frequent author on safety, health and legal compliance issues, including writing monthly columns in "MetalMag" and "Rock Products" magazines, articles in "Professional Safety" and "Compliance" and co-authoring several books including the widely reviewed "Construction Safety Management and Engineering".
  • Ms. Abrams is a regular presenter at prestigious safety conferences like the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), where she specializes in providing real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Program Benefits

It is critical to investigate each incident to prevent future occurrences, and ensure no one inadvertently contributes to costly legal problems. This 60-minute program will provide you with clear guidelines to improve your investigations, increase safety, and prevent liability.