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Whiners, Complainers & Blamers: Keys to Crush Negativity for Admins


Webinar Recording

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A negative work environment can suck the life out of you, causing decreased productivity, lost opportunities & crushed morale. As an administrative professional, let's face it, every workplace has conflict but you can't allow it to take you off the track for success! Join us for this interactive 60-minute webinar where you & your colleagues will discover:

  • How to survive in a negative work environment
  • Coping strategies for dealing with chronically negative co-workers
  • Motivation tips to promote positive change
  • Ways to address & diffuse serious disagreements with mutually acceptable resolutions

Program Highlights

  • Root Causes of Conflict: Key Factors Every Admin Must Know

    • Ways to identify & eliminate the sources of negativity that get in your way
    • Learn how positive attitudes can help generate better opportunities
    • Specific examples of how to successfully approach conflict & what to avoid
  • Overcome the Fear of Confrontation & Conflict

    • How to effectively challenge the negativity in others
    • Expert strategies guaranteed to help you through disagreements
    • Shift your focus: When to react & when you need to just "let it go"
  • Keys to Keep Cool When Emotions Run High

    • Proven secrets to keeping control- when others lose it
    • Keep your emotions in check: Stay positive & in control when others aren't
    • Ways to assess your own attitude & how it impacts your career
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

  • Kerry has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations build and sustain world-class leadership, management, and employee performance. Kerry works with Fortune 1000 companies in a variety of industries to align strategy and performance so that front-line sales and service employees can make a greater contribution to bottom-line results.
  • Kerry's energy, enthusiasm, and passion for creating a high performing workplace make her an inspiration and a favorite to senior leaders, management teams, and front-line sales and service representatives worldwide.
  • Internationally, leaders hire Kerry to develop, implement, and sustain performance-driven service and sales cultures throughout their organizations. She has conducted leadership training sessions in France, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand, and she has trained leaders throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Program Benefits

Join us for this highly interactive 60 minute webinar where you will gain the tools needed to create a positive workplace environment, eliminate all negativity and thrive as an administrative professional.