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Craft eNewsletters That Raise More Money for Your Nonprofit


Webinar Recording

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Designing e-newsletters that get donors to open, click, read, and donate is not easy. How can you improve your subject lines, layout, and content to boost your donations and raise more money for your cause? Join us for our 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • Get donors to open your emails - Do's & don'ts of writing subject lines
  • Designing your e-newsletter - Ways to create eye catching layouts
  • Content, Content, Content - How to create a connection with your stories
  • Tips to grow your email list to attract more donors to your cause
  • Examples of e-newsletters that work - What you can learn from others

Program Highlights

  • First Impressions Count: Characteristics of a Good e-Newsletter

    • Subject lines guaranteed to get subscribers to open your emails
    • Specific words to use in your subject line & what to avoid
    • Formatting rules to create a visually appealing layout
    • What photos to use - How to use pictures to connect with donors
  • Get to the Heart of the e-Newsletter: Content that Compels Donors to Give

    • Tips to write effective headlines that draw donors in
    • Calls to action that get noticed & get people giving
    • How to share your stories in a way donors can relate to
    • Designing your donate button - Ways to get donors to click
  • Go Beyond Your Email List: Tips to Expand the Reach of Your e-Newsletter

    • 5 ways to get people to share your e-newsletter
    • How to get MORE prospects to sign up for your emails
    • Simple tips for growing your list quickly and ethically
    • Real life examples of e-newsletters that work & some that don't
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Mazarine Treyz is the author of the popular Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising. Her second book, The Wild Woman's Guide to Social Media, was given a 5 star review by She has done social media trainings for National SBA Small Business Week, The Oregon SBDC and The City of Austin, Texas. She has trained over 3,000 people from 2011-2013 in how to fundraise and promote their nonprofits online.

  • The Wild Woman Fundraising blog has over 30,000 monthly readers with an email list of over 5,000 people
  • Treyz has trained nonprofits large and small in how to have better web content strategies.

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide your nonprofit organization with effective strategies to get donors to open your e-newsletters, click and donate to your cause.