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Exempt vs. Non-Exempt: Avoid Overtime Traps, Be FLSA Compliant


Webinar Recording

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Wage and Hour mistakes are on DOL's radar more than ever before with millions being spent on enforcing the FLSA regulations. You need straightforward answers to better protect your company and avoid costly litigation and expensive settlements. Join us for this 60-minute program, where you and your colleagues will learn:

  • Understand the new regulation revisions that will narrow exemptions!
  • Exempt vs. Nonexempt: Your straightforward guide to get it right
  • Latest FLSA enforcement rules: Keys for total compliance
  • The top misclassification hazards: How to not mess things up
  • How to correct classification errors: What's legal; What's not

Program Highlights

  • Hours Worked Issues: Solutions to Stay Out of the DOLs Radar

    • How new regulation revisions will affect your company policy
    • What's on the clock & what's not: Be compliant, avoid repercussions
    • How to calculate comp time, overtime, travel & on-call time
    • Blackberries, PDAs & Email: Overcome Tricky Off the Clock Issues
    • Calculating overtime pay rates to account for bonuses, commissions & incentives
  • Exempt vs. Non-exempt: Eliminate the Confusion, Stop Lawsuits

    • Executive, Administrative & Computer Professional duties tests
    • Deductions that can turn salary status into hourly pay
    • Drivers, mechanics and loaders under the Motor Carrier Act
  • Latest FLSA Rules: Best Ways to Ensure Total Compliance

    • Structuring job descriptions & evaluations that will protect your exemptions
    • Misclassified employees: How to make the right corrections
    • Discipline & leave policies for exempt employees: What's legal, what's not
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Have your FLSA questions answered live!

About The Speaker

Don Benson, a partner in the Atlanta office of Hall Booth Smith, P.C., is a senior litigator with over twenty years experience in labor and employment law representing management clients in the avoidance, resolution and litigation of employment disputes. He has frequently appeared before federal and state courts across the country and before federal and state investigative agencies including: OSHA, the EEOC and the Department of Labor.

  • Mr. Benson represents employers in the full range of labor and employment law issues including: discrimination, retaliation, harassment and accommodation; federal and state wage and hour law compliance; FMLA; Equal Pay; USERRA; ADA and HIPAA privacy protections.
  • Mr. Benson is a frequent speaker and trainer on a wide variety of employment law topics including: wage and hour compliance, enforcement of restrictive covenants, RICO/Immigration class actions, and FMLA compliance. He has been quoted in both USAToday and the Human Resources Report of BNA on employment issues raised by recent pandemic preparation and MRSA Staph infection outbreaks in the workplace.

Program Benefits

In this 60-minute webinar, you and your staff will learn how to not screw up, avoiding costly overtime & classification traps.