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Women's Leadership: Keys to Success in BOTH Work and Life


Webinar Recording

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Are you suffering from "Super Woman" syndrome - trying to excel in your professional role while getting it all done at home? With the right tools, you can find balance to manage challenges at work and at home. In this 60-minute webinar you will discover ways to:

  • Take more control and delineate the lines between work and home
  • Exceed expectations of clients and employers, while managing the home front
  • Beat burnout from juggling demands of both your professional and personal lives
  • Exercise your options to get more flexibility and support in the workplace
  • Prioritize what's important to gain more time - and get your life back

Program Highlights

  • Survival Skills Every Woman Professional Needs to Know

    • Addressing work/home issues without being stigmatized or pushed back
    • Delivering top-notch work, responsiveness & accessibility
    • Tips for delegating effectively and building more support
    • How to avoid being derailed by external factors & people
  • Taking Greater Control: How to Delineate Lines of Work & Home

    • Managing growing demands in and outside the office
    • Keeping distractions from interfering in your success
    • How you can invest in yourself - and why it's a must
    • Understand your options to get more flexibility in the workplace
  • Is Your Life in Balance? Tools & Techniques to Beat Burnout

    • Taking back control of your time: Tips to get more organized
    • Setting priorities: The difference between busy and productive
    • How to prepare effective "to do" lists so nothing gets forgotten
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your specific work life balance questions answered!

About The Speaker

Tara Powers is a Cultural Alignment Expert and Business Acceleration Coach. For more than 10 years, Tara has helped small and large companies with her coaching and training programs to enhance their performance and effectiveness in a variety of areas. These areas include emerging leadership, emerging teams, customer relationship management, and building positive work relationships.

  • She forms long-term, trusted partnerships with her clients that enable strategic success and business growth by developing leaders and teams to achieve peak performance.
  • Tara's style is described as innovative and highly interactive. Clients continually remark on her enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness in a learning environment.
  • She is a frequent speaker at SHRM including national and Colorado chapter events.

Program Benefits

Women are working longer hours now while still managing the responsibilities at home. How can you find a balance that lets you excel and feel more satisfied in both areas? This 60-minute program gives you tools to find that balance as a woman professional.