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Effective Safety Committees: Practices to Reduce Workplace Injuries - and Costs


Webinar Recording

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Safety committees can be an effective tool to improve workplace safety and reduce injuries, resulting in quantifiable cost savings. But where do you start, and how to you keep the initial momentum going? This 60-minute program will show you and your team members how to get started in creating a successful safety committee, and provide proven tips on how to get existing committees back on track. Please join us to discover:

  • Skills your safety committee needs to be effective in your workplace
  • Keys for keeping the momentum and enthusiasm of your committee going
  • Operating guidelines, boundaries and budgets committees need to succeed
  • How to get upper management and employees on board
  • Why many safety committees fail - and how to avoid it

Program Highlights

  • Creating an Effective Safety Committee for Your Workplace

    • Identifying clear goals and priorities for your safety committee
    • Duties and responsibilities of safety committee members
    • The four stages for building a successful team
  • Safety Committee Best Practices to Improve Workplace Safety

    • Tips for making your safety team meetings work
    • Keys to keeping your committee on track and delivering results
    • Using organizational tools and techniques to gain consensus
    • Evaluating safety team performance and resolving issues
  • Safety Committee Tools You Can Use Now

    • Clear communication channels & reporting policies
    • Effectives systems for recordkeeping and tracking programs
    • Projecting -and meeting - completion dates for committee tasks
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your specific Safety Committee questions answered!

About The Speaker

Jack Fearing, CPEA, is the Managing Director for Fearing International Group. FIG is an occupational and aviation safety consulting firm. Mr. Fearing has more than 30 years of experience in occupational safety & health management and DOD aviation safety. His experience includes EHS Director for a global defense contractor, an audit program director for multi-national manufacturing company and audit team leader for a leading pharmaceutical company. He is a retired US Army Lt Colonel. He served as a helicopter pilot and Aviation Safety Officer.

  • He has extensive hands-on experience in developing OSHA compliance programs, coordinating with state and Federal regulatory agencies and developing effective safety committees in both union and non-union environments.
  • He has been published in "CoatingsPro", "Today's Facility Manager", "Facility Safety Management," and various American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) professional journals.
  • He is a frequent speaker at the ASSE Annual Professional Development Conference, the National Safety Council (NSC) Conference and Exposition and the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM) annual EHS Forum.

Program Benefits

An effective workplace safety committee will get your employees on board with your safety initiatives, and keep them up to date on their compliance responsibilities. This 60-minute program will show you what you need to do to start and maintain a "world class" safety committee.