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Stop Limiting Your Company: Implement a Marketing Automation Strategy NOW


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Marketing automation has experienced the fastest growth of any CRM-related process in the last 5 years. But many companies haven't taken advantage of it because they're not sure they can adopt it successfully. This live online session will lay out the steps you need to take and what mistakes to avoid when successfully implementing your first automation system. Join us for this interactive, 60 minute training session where you will discover:

  • Why This CRM Tool Has Become Essential to Your Business
  • Do's & Don'ts of Automation: What to Avoid, What to Utilize
  • How To Ensure A Successful Marketing Automation Implementation
  • Critical Benefits of Automation & How to Measure Them
  • Real Life Examples- Learn From Early Adopters
  • BONUS HANDOUT: "The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Selecting a Marketing Automation System"

Program Highlights

  • Getting Started: Keys to Understanding Marketing Automation

    • The five core functions to succeed & why you need them
    • Top proven results to build your business case
    • Critical benefits of automation & how to properly measure them
  • Keys to Create an Effective Marketing Automation Program

    • Ways to define actionable customer personas & process stages
    • Solving the content challenge: What you need to know
    • How to build processes to manage marketing that align with sales
    • Why capturing results & proving value is a KEY to success
  • Lessons from the Field: What Successful Users Are Doing Right

    • The single biggest pitfall to avoid: Learning from others mistakes
    • What really matters when selecting a system: Do's & Don'ts
    • Steps to complete a flawless deployment before you launch
  • Q & A Session: Have Your Specific Marketing Automation Questions Answered Live!

About The Speaker

David M. Raab is author of the B2B Marketing Vendor Selection Tool, the industry's leading resource on marketing automation systems. He consults with major business and consumer marketers on marketing technology selection, deployment, and analytics. Clients have included ATT, AARP, CIGNA Health Care, CitiCorp, Nordstrom, Monsanto, Rodale Inc., Teradata, and Verizon Wireless. Mr. Raab also advises marketing service providers and technology firms on strategy and marketing issues. He has written hundreds of articles and blog posts and spoken at conferences in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. Mr. Raab is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Business School.

Program Benefits

This live, interactive, 60-minute online seminar will provide you with all you need to roll out an effective, successful and time saving marketing automation program.