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Master the Art of Supporting Multiple Bosses: What You Need to Know


Webinar Recording

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50% of all administrative professionals worldwide are tasked with handling the hectic schedules of two or more bosses. How can you handle multiple bosses without becoming overwhelmed, effectively prioritize numerous projects & balance your own daily obligations? Join us for an interactive, 60 minute LIVE-online webinar where you will discover:

  • Ways to identify & handle different boss' personalities/schedules
  • Keys to increase your boss's productivity & support their goals
  • Steps to improve your time management & proactively manage tasks
  • Proven solutions to reduce stress & deliver beyond your expectations
  • Communication practices for top admins: Increase effectiveness

Program Highlights

  • Who's Who? Top Notch Strategies to Identify, Acknowledge & Accommodate

    • Different management styles: Keys to understanding each of your bosses
    • Best practices for managing multiple calendars & schedules
    • Secrets to exceed expectations & maintain control over your own workload
  • Better Communication: Improve Relationships & Increase Effectiveness

    • Keys to communicating when directions & demands conflict
    • Proven strategies to clarify your role & analyze your boss's needs
    • Prioritizing multiple bosses & assignments: How & when to say "No"
  • Effective Strategies to Reduce Stress-Save Your Sanity & Get More Done

    • Scheduling tips to manage priorities & maximize productivity
    • How to offer solutions instead of becoming overwhelmed
    • Vital tech tools all admins need: Achieve your goals with existing resources
  • LIVE Interactive Q & A Session - Have your specific questions answered by an expert!

About The Speaker

Brenda Bailey-Hughes, co-owner of Team Performance Consulting, works with a variety of businesses and higher education institutions on organizational communication and employee performance issues.

  • Ms. Bailey-Hughes is on the faculty of the nationally ranked Kelley School of Business at Indiana University where she teaches Business Communication.
  • Brenda is the author of Administrative Assistant. She regularly presents at conferences and workshops on over 50 different topics. Her clients include the International Association of Administrative Professionals, the Central Association of College and University Business Officers, Cardinal Health Organization, Ball State University, First Merchants Corporation, and the City of Indianapolis.
  • She has a Master of Art's degree in Organizational Communication and Professional Development.

Program Benefits

In this interactive 60-minute LIVE webinar you will gain the required skills to successfully support multiple bosses without becoming overwhelmed & strategies to help advance your career.