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Perfecting Your Benefits Communication Plan: Stop Employee Confusion


Webinar Recording

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A solid benefits communication strategy is a necessity for business of all sizes to maximize the value of the benefits packages. One of the most important responsibilities of a benefits professional is to effectively communicate the details of confusing health care and benefit plans with employees in a way that will promote participation and increase understanding. What can you do to ensure your benefits communication plan is working? Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover:

  • How to craft your communication plan to encourage participation
  • Best practices of effective communicators to boost your current skills
  • Health care communication tips that will solidify employee understanding
  • How to use effective communication channels that engage employees

  • BONUS MATERIALS: E-book - New Perspectives in Wellness & Benefit Communications

Program Highlights

  • How to Craft Your Communication Plan: 5 Best Practices to Include

    • Ways to create a strong, clear message all employees will understand
    • Questions every benefits professional must ask before getting started
    • Leveraging your company's culture when building your plan
    • Employee health & benefits newsletters- what to include & why
  • Keys to Communicating Confusing Benefits Information to Employees

    • Best practices of highly effective communicators to boost your current skills
    • Fostering employee feedback through your communication plan
    • Keys to explaining the benefits of the benefits package
  • Effective Communication Channels that Engage Employees

    • 5 easy steps to custom print communication solutions
    • How to best integrate electronic media in your communication plan
    • Common mistakes to avoid with your electronic communications
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Jen Cronin is the Managing Editor for Hope Health. Her career has focused on topics related to health, wellness and employee communications. She has worked as a health-care reporter at a daily newspaper, a public relations specialist at a major medical school, and a marketing communications consultant.

  • Jen has assisted in the launch a worksite wellness program and creates health literacy, wellness program and employee benefit communications for employer groups and insurance companies nationwide.
  • She graduated from the University of Missouri - School of Journalism and has more than 17 years of writing, editing, and project management experience.

Program Benefits

According to a Carnegie Mellon research survey, only 14% of consumers adequately understood four of the most common terms in health care: copays, co-insurance, deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover tricks & tools to design a benefits communication plan that engages employees and encourages participation.