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Advancing Your Social Media Strategy: Live Analytics Workshop


Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

Regardless to which social media platform you prefer, every company realizes the importance of building its brand presence on these sites. Effectively measuring social analytics to better understand where to focus your social media efforts is a huge frustration point for marketers. How can you properly monitor every resource you are exhausting and whether your social media efforts are producing the desired results? Join us for this live, interactive, 60-minute workshop where you will discover:

  • Which metrics you must be tracking including social media ROI
  • How to find & identify your problem areas
  • Ways to communicate social media analytics to top executives
  • How to easily & efficiently monitor the most important metrics
  • Recent case studies: Examples of social media MVPs

Bonus Material: Pre-event quick-read Social Analytics Article

Program Highlights

Part 1: The first half of this workshop will provide a quick overview of which metrics each company should be tracking, and how to track them.

  • Social Breakdown: Key Metrics to Track vs. Less Crucial Metrics
    • Guidelines to tracking the "Holy Grail" of analytics: Social media ROI
    • Metrics that track activity that will lead to sales
    • Vanity metrics: How they are misleading & why they aren't important
  • Simple & Successful Ways For Tracking Social Media Statistics
    • Understanding the fundamentals of measuring analytics
    • How to measure contribution directly to your social media efforts
    • Key performance indicators - what they are & how to track them
    • Qualitative vs. quantitative data - learn how to follow important metrics

Part 2: The second half of this workshop will cover a case study, highlight each registrant's specific analytic needs & wrap things up with a Live Q & A session!

  • Expert speaker Anil Batra will analyze your current analytic needs
  • Analytic MVP Case Study: Learn from the best social media utilizers
  • Q & A Session: Have Your Specific Analytic Questions Answered Live!

About The Speaker

Anil Batrais a seasoned Digital Marketing and Analytics professional with 15 years of experience. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 50 to startups and has helped their digital channels improve business results.

  • Anil's customers include Microsoft,, ESPN, T-Mobile, Hoovers, RealNetworks, Starbucks, and
  • He has taught and trained several Digital Marketing and Analytics folks in past 9 years of teaching at UBC and University of Washington and speaking engagements at various conferences as well as his blog,
  • He also served on the Board of Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and was instrumental in starting the DAA Symposiums.

Program Benefits

This live, interactive, 60-minute online workshop, will address YOUR companies' specific, personal wants & needs in a social media analytic strategy for 2014. Upon registering, simply fill out the provided questionnaire and our professional speaker will tailor the workshop to cover what you would like to know about analytics to improve your current social media strategy.